Choosing the Right Window Treatments

While windows let in great, functional natural light to any space in your home, many windows also allow unwanted glances into your home from neighbors, visitors, or just passersby.  Window treatments may be in order for your home, and if you’re looking for something that actually looks great in addition to adding privacy and functionality, Scottish Stained Glass offers a unique window treatment option.

Window Treatment Options

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There are a few major choices for window treatments.  The two most commonly thought of are usually blinds or curtains. Blinds work to block vision into your home, but at the same time will block natural light from coming in.  Blinds can also be difficult to clean, and depending on what type you get, can be easily damaged.

Curtains are another option for privacy.  While they can be an inexpensive fix to your privacy problem, they also block natural light, and require that you put up a curtain rod to hang them, causing damage to your walls.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer a unique solution to common window problems, as well as window treatment problems.  Stained glass can prevent vision through your windows, but still allows natural light to come into your home.  You can have your glass permanently bonded to the inside of your window, or even create a piece that hands inside your window for the same effect, with the permanent bond.

A leaded glass piece solves the problem of privacy for any home, and also goes further to add a unique and beautiful piece of art to any space.  Every piece that we build is custom, so you’ll be able to choose the types of glass we use, as well as the design of your piece.  You’ll be working with one of our expert designers to find the best look for your personal style, modern or traditional, and your home as a whole.  It’s like adding your own custom work of glass art to your home.

Window Treatments with Scottish Stained Glass

At Scottish Stained Glass, we build every piece using traditional methods.  This process creates stained glass that, if cared for properly, can essentially last forever.  Our team of talented designers and builders will help you through the design process and ensure that you love the stained glass piece that you end up with.  Feel free to give us a call or send an email today to learn more about getting your privacy back, and adding something beautiful to your home at the same time!

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