5 Things To Do (Or Not To Do) Before And During Your Stained Glass Install

Best Practices For Homeowners Before And During Stained Glass Installation

So–you bought a custom-made stained glass window for your Salt Lake City home and you are over the moon about the design and can already imagine it in your home.  Fantastic! The stained glass window buying process can be super exciting and fun, especially when you work with stained glass professionals like Scottish. As professionals, we have created a list of dos and don’ts to make your stained glass install as fun, fast and favorable.  With a little bit of help from you, we will make your stained glass installation seamless and efficient so you can start enjoying your fabulous new window ASAP!

DO: Prepare The Area. While most stained glass windows are simple and quick install, it is still something that could involve dust, scraps, and chemicals/adhesives.  For this reason, you will want to take measures to protect your furnishings, walls, carpets or other features by covering them with plastic. This is something you should call us about if you have questions because sometimes we will only be in a tiny area and may need none of that at all.  Also, remove valuables– our installers are top notch but it is simply a good practice for you to be in when working with any contractor.

DON’T: Don’t try to help the stained glass installers or touch or lift anything: the window, installation tools, buckets or clothes.  This is really a precautionary measure to keep you from getting hurt but also a way not to inconvenience you. Just let the guys you paid to do the job and relax; their labor is written into our stained glass pricing.

DO:  Stick Around.  Most of our stained glass window installations are one day jobs. Sometimes it can run into a few days but it obviously depends on the size and scope of your job.  You will know exactly how long it will take up front regardless. Even if it is a multi-day project, you will be able to stay in your home while it is ongoing.

DON’T:  Let your pet around the job site.  Pets can be huge distractions during installs and it is never safe to have them in the area.  This is for the sake of you, your pet and the installer. Mostly everything we bring in with us is fairly safe but we are still dealing with glass and adhesives and other chemicals.

DO: Contact us with any questions or concerns.  The stained glass window you bought for your Salt Lake City home is something you paid to be excited for.  Don’t hesitate to ask us anything that is on your mind, because we want the installation to be a good memory for years to come, as your stained glass window turns into a family heirloom.

For more information on stained glass window installation watch the video below

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