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When you think about stained glass you probably picture it in the many churches across Europe and the US. Or possibly on old homes around this country and “the old countries” like Ireland, France, and England. That makes sense since stained glass did, in fact, originate in Europe and then quickly spread the US. However, stained glass is not a solely European or American art form. The fact of the matter is stained glass spread from Europe all across the world including places like Russia, South America, and even the Asia. One place where stained glass thrives and whose glass rivals any other in the world is Singapore. In this place, we see towering stained glass windows in startling beautiful chapels and cathedrals. The glass is as colorful and lovely as any we see here in the states or across Europe and something to behold. That’s right, the stained glass in Singapore is breathtaking and below we have listed some of our favorite examples from the myriad and magnificent Singapore stained glass window marvels.

Scottish Stained Glass Austin’s Favorite Singapore Stained Glass Examples

Stained Glass Windows In The Blessed Sacrament Church

The stained glass windows in this stunning church Founded in 1958 are a sight to behold! In fact, the entire church has conservation status, protecting its iconic slate roof and stained glass from being lost to time.


Stained Glass Windows In The Church Of Saints Peter And Paul

One of the oldest Catholic churches in Singapore, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul is in a lovely Neo-Gothic style and breathtaking stained glass windows to match its vaulted ceilings. The church was newly restored, assuring these lovely stained glass windows are around for the next generation


Stained Glass Windows In the church of Saint Teresa

The church of Saint Teresa is set atop a little hill on Kampong Bahru Road and is almost 100 years old. It’s Beautiful stained glass windows are set within triple arches on the sides of the church giving the entire sanctuary and ethereal look. This stained glass is truly out of this world!

Scottish Stained Glass For Staind Glass Windows In Austin

If you have any questions about these stained glass windows or are interested in stained glass for your Austin church or home, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass for pricing and design options today!

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