Stained glass could be a beautiful addition to a divider wall.

Do you live in a downtown loft, or a studio space? If you do, you already know how open they can be. The feeling of space is wonderful, but sometimes you might wish you had a bit more privacy in the form of separate rooms with actual divider walls. Don’t be surprised, but we say where there are divider walls, there should be stained glass.

Why? Because let’s face it, walls are pretty dull with nothing on them. And if you are going to add art, why not stained glass art?

If you feel like you need to section some areas off but don’t like the look of plain divider walls, you might consider adding some stained glass into the wall. Imagine walking into your loft or studio apartment and seeing a beautiful piece of stained glass installed in your divider wall.

The best time to add divider wall stained glass is when you are having the dividers built. You can tell your contractor that you will be inserting a glass panel, or you can get us together with your builder and we’ll work on it together. Even better (from our perspective of course), you might call our sister company, Scottish Home Improvements, to do the renovation work, because they have extensive experience with divider wall stained glass.


Here’s another great idea. Have a matching stained glass window done to match the panels in your walls. And if you only want the wall to be half or three quarters of the way to the ceiling, to allow for more light flow in the space, you could insert the stained glass between the top of the divider and the ceiling. This would still let the light flow through but would give you the privacy and comfort of a walled in room.

Have you thought of custom stained glass for your loft or studio space? It is more affordable than you might believe. For divider wall stained glass, you can have anything from one stained glass panel in the center of the wall to a pattern of smaller stained glass panels inserted in a pattern in the wall. Remember, this will not be as easy to do in an existing divider wall, but very simple and affordable in a wall that does not yet exist, one you are going to have built.

With stained glass divider walls, you can kind of have your cake and eat it too: all the spaciousness and openness and light flow of an un-partitioned loft . . . with the privacy of walls.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass today to find out more about divider wall stained glass. We look forward to hearing from you.

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