Stained Glass Repair: What’s the Process for Colorado Springs Churches?

stained glass repair colorado springs

While stained glass windows may appear to look fragile, they’re actually quite durable. Years of practice and advances in engineering, technology, and science have provided modern stained glass artists today with a wealth of knowledge for creating windows that are stronger and more durable than they ever have been in the past.

Yet, there are unfortunate situations that can cause damage to stained glass or initiate the process of deterioration. In these cases, stained glass repair in Colorado Springs may be necessary both for safety reasons as well as to prevent the window from degrading further.

Stained glass repair is an intensive process, but is also an investment well worth it. If a full restoration is conducted, the lifetime of the stained glass could be extended tremendously, allowing it to last decades longer than it otherwise would have. For this reason, many churches in Colorado Springs opt for stained glass repair, especially if the glass is historic or valuable to the church.

Reasons for Stained Glass Repair

There are a few different reasons why a church may elect to have their stained glass windows repaired. Some, of course, are more obvious than others. For example, the need for repairs is obvious if a stained glass window has been blatantly vandalized or suffered catastrophic damage due to hail or extreme weather.

However, more often, stained glass owners do not realize the severely fragile state their stained glass is in because signs of deterioration are difficult to detect. A slight deformity in the leading or bulging of the glass may go unnoticed for quite some time. Usually, churches only realize that their stained glass needs to be fixed once it is in very bad condition and pieces are either cracking or falling out. To prevent this from happening to your stained glass, it’s important to inspect its condition on a regular basis.

Stained Glass Repair Process

Once you have inspected the stained glass yourself, the next step is to contact a local studio in your area who can conduct a thorough inspection. If a professional determines that your stained glass is, in fact, showing signs of deterioration, they will most likely recommend stained glass repair.

Most minor stained glass repairs can be completed onsite. However, large windows, or ones that have been damaged exceedingly, may need to be removed and repaired in a workshop. In this environment, they can be properly cleaned, dismantled, and repaired. Once all of the damaged elements have been safely replaced, the window is reassembled and brought back to the church for the congregation to enjoy.

Get More Information on Stained Glass Repair

Do you belong to a church in Colorado Springs that needs stained glass repair? Do you have questions about stained glass restoration or repair? Our Colorado Springs studio would love to help! Contact us today to get more information about our services or speak to an expert about your project.

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