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In our 20+ years of experience designing, building and installing stained glass windows in peoples’ homes and offices, many of the same questions arise. People are concerned about the installation of stained glass windows, or how to care for them once they’ve been installed.

Some of the Top Stained Glass Window Questions:


Do I have to pick one of your stained glass designs or can I have one custom designed?

People are surprised to hear that all our stained glass windows and doors are custom designed with your input. You can pick an existing design as a starting point, work with one of our designers from a completely unique idea of your own – or anything in between.

If I am on a tight budget, is there any way I can still have stained glass in my home?

quality stained glassThere are various ways we can work within your budget. One of the main costs is square footage. If our estimate is way beyond your budget, consider adding stained glass to a smaller window or perhaps a door panel instead of an entire door. The intricacy of the pattern is the other main factor. Once our designers get a sense of what you want, they can adjust the pattern, perhaps using fewer pieces, to bring it within your budget but still create the look you want.

How long does stained glass last?

Your stained glass windows or doors should last for generations. We use the most modern and technologically advanced methods of construction and installation. However, even before modern times, stained glass was pretty durable. Panels have been found intact dating back hundreds of years. We suspect your stained glass panels will outlive you, looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Do my stained glass windows need any special care?

Usually, our windows are installed on the inside of the existing window. The original pane acts to protect the stained glass from the elements. Dusting or cleaning with a mild cleanser is all the maintenance these windows require.

What happens if I invest all this money in stained glass and then decide to sell my home?

Many realtors believe that stained glass is a terrific investment, adding to the overall value of the home. The unique beauty of this investment might be what sells your home! Furthermore, you can always take your stained glass panels with you when you move.

My home is filled with antiques. Is it possible to purchase genuine, antique stained glass?

Yes, we have a lovely selection imported from Scotland that will be available on our website soon. And if you come across an antique stained glass window or other type of panel that needs repair, we also provide restoration services. The work we do will be indistinguishable from the original, preserving the weather, antique appearance. Contact us for more information!

I Don’t See My Question On This List

We are here to answer every question and allay any concern. If your stained glass window question isn’t on this list, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for even more information!

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