Stained Glass Windows for the Modern Church

Church stained glass

Although 90% of our stained glass window installations are clear glass, not colored, and most of them are residential, we have to admit that there is no place that shows off the spectacular beauty of stained glass better than religious institutions. Of course, churches are usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears the words “stained glass windows.”

Since some of the earliest stained glass pieces were found in Europe’s ancient churches, cathedrals and abbeys, and stunning stained glass church windows remain one of Europe’s major cultural attractions. Many of these windows rank right up there with master artists’ paintings; in fact many of them were inspired by the religious art of the day.

Some of the most striking and well known examples of church stained glass windows include the beautiful abstract designs in the Liverpool Cathedral, the extraordinary depictions of saints in the stained glass altar of the Trinity Church in New York City, and the scene showing the Virgin Mary as the Queen of the Universe in the Votive Church in Vienna, Austria. The Chartres Cathedral in France is famed for its stunning array of stained glass windows. And there are so many more…

Church Stained Glass Denver

Stained glass is a natural fit for churches of all different sizes and styles of architecture. By adding stained glass to your church, you are following in an ancient tradition. Many of the stained glass church windows of old depicted biblical scenes or other religious symbols, and the light shining through was symbolic indeed!

Scottish Stained Glass has done church windows of all designs and sizes. All of our stained glass is custom designed to your exact needs, tastes and specifications. We never make exact copies of our work, or anyone else’s for that matter, so your windows will be unique to your church.

Our extensive experience in the field of religious stained glass and our twenty years in business assures your congregation of the highest quality work. Today, church stained glass can be religious in nature, or simply beautiful, with vivid colors and striking patterns. It can be traditional, modern or abstract, geometric or floral, as suits the needs of your congregation.

If your church has stained glass that needs repair or full restoration, that is something our firm offers and has extensive experience with as well.

If you are building a new house of worship, or seeking to add beauty and impact to the building you already have, stained glass is the perfect choice. You’ll work with one of our experienced stained glass designers, to assure that you are getting the perfect style that complements the architecture, the taste of the congregation, and fulfills the purpose of the work.

If you have not investigated stained glass for your religious building before, because of cost concerns, we have experience in helping institutions with their fundraising efforts. Please contact us today for a consultation with one of our designers or an estimate.


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