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If you ever find yourself visiting England, one “off the beaten track” attraction that we cannot recommend too highly is The Stained Glass Museum. Their wonderful galleries show the evolution of over eight hundred years of stained glass windows, collected from all over Europe.

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The Stained Glass Museum opened back in the seventies, when many stained glass windows were in danger of being lost. Their mission is to rescue these treasures and exhibit them in a way that allows the public to learn about them and appreciate them. Located inside the spectacular Ely Cathedral, the museum features more than one hundred stained glass panels, dating back as far as the year 1200. These artworks come from both religious institutions and secular buildings.

UK Stained GlassWith many stained glass windows, particularly in cathedrals with huge heights, the windows are very high off the ground, but the museum carefully displays their collection at eye level. It is a stunning sight, not to be missed if you are an art lover, a history lover, or of course, a stained glass lover.

Where Is the Stained Glass Museum?

Located north of Cambridge, the Stained Glass Museum can be reached by train from London in a little over an hour.

If you have no plans to get to the UK any time soon, don’t be disappointed. The museum has a website where you can tour their galleries “virtually” and see many of these gorgeous stained glass masterpieces.

By the way, Scottish Stained Glass also has some extensive galleries you might like to take a look at. In our gallery we have many of the stained glass window designs that we have custom made for our 15,000+ customers over the past twenty years.

You might like to check out their “brief history of stained glass” page for its amazing glimpse through history, complete with photos of some of the most ancient yet masterful stained glass pieces.

Inspiring Stained Glass in Your Home?

If you are considering adding some stained glass windows, doors or hanging panels to your home or commercial space, learning about the history and evolution of this well-loved art form can be a lot of fun. But perhaps ancient medieval artwork is not your idea of a good time? Or perhaps you love looking at it and admiring the skill, artistry and craftsmanship that went into it, but want something more modern for your home?

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we offer the best combination of ancient and modern techniques, still hand crafting our custom designed stained glass pieces, but using modern materials and installation procedures. Because of our great love and respect for the stained glass masters of old, we bring that same skill, artistry and craftsmanship to every window or door panel.

And our designs can be anything you’d like. From geometric to floral, from vividly colored to clear and textured, your imagination is the only limit! We hope you’ll visit The Stained Glass Museum if you ever have the chance, but even if you have no intention of leaving home, contact us for a free in-home consultation with a stained glass designer today!

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