The Ultimate Bucket List for Stained Glass Lovers

stained glass bucket list

There are very few things in this world that exceed the beauty of stained glass windows. Brilliant, dazzling, and intricately detailed, stained glass windows have an enchanting beauty and are reminiscent of a time long ago. The way they hold and capture light makes them resemble the precious multi-faceted gems in fine jewelry, instantly drawing one’s attention and holding it steadfast long after.

Stained glass is also one of the world’s oldest art forms and an important part of many religions and cultures. In fact, cathedrals and churches host some of the finest examples of stained glass windows the world has ever seen. These windows are so exquisite in their beauty that great care has been taken in order to ensure their preservation. And admirers from around the globe visit the churches that contain them just to witness their magnificence in person.

Church Stained Glass Windows that Are Guaranteed to Take Your Breath Away

If you’re a lover of church stained glass windows, you absolutely must add these destinations to your bucket list. These stained glass masterpieces are 100% guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Stained Glass Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral
Monumental sized stained glass windows adorn the walls of Chartres Cathedral. These windows date back to the 13th century and are some of the most magnificent examples of Medieval stained glass.

sainte chapelle stained glass windows

Sainte-Chapelle houses some of the most famous stained glass windows in the world. These stained glass windows tell not only the tale of important Biblical history, but also highlight important moments in local history and politics.

La Sagrada Familia
The La Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona was designed by a famous architect named Antoni Gaudi. The architect passed away before the completion of the project, but his vision of creating a “church of harmonious light” was carried out nonetheless. The stained glass windows are a relatively new addition to the building, but by far one of its most breathtaking features.

famous stained glass

The Chapel of Thanksgiving
The stained glass windows in the ceiling of the Chapel of Thanksgiving appear as a rainbow spiral that winds upward, illuminating the heavens. The stained glass is located in a non-denominational church and is intended to promote the value of giving thanks.

Did you know that there are also many beautiful stained glass windows in Fort Collins? Check out our gallery to see examples of some of the work we’ve done!

Continue the Tradition

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