The World’s Largest Stained Glass Window

worlds largest stained glass window

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest stained glass window in the world resides in Justice, Illinois. The window is located in Resurrection Cemetery which is most popularly known for being the haunting site of Resurrection Mary, a hitchhiking ghost that hangs out at the cemetery’s gate. But this mausoleum is more than just a spooky tourist attraction. It’s an example of beautiful architecture that houses some of the finest art in Illinois. The building was constructed in 1969 by an architectural firm that still has offices today in Chicago and Los Angeles.

The design of the building is reminiscent of a classic Greek temple. The first floor of the building is a solid base that supports a large colonnade that rises two stories. The inner temple behind the colonnade is made entirely of stained glass walls constructed in the dalle de verre fashion. Dalle de verre is a technique that involves breaking thick slabs of glass with a hammer and then piecing them together in a matrix of concrete and epoxy resin.

resurrection cemetery stained glass

photo credit: Chicago Modern

The stained glass walls measure a colossal 22,381 square feet. The windows feature a rainbow of brilliant colors that glow with the light of the incoming rays of sun streaming into the building. They depict dramatic scenes from biblical stories such as the Resurrection and the Garden of Eden as well as more familiar historical references like the Chicago “el”, skyscrapers, and a NASA space rocket.

The walls were created with over 2,448 stained glass panels. They were constructed by Pixel Studio who began working with the medium of faceted glass in the early 1960s. The cemetery continues to remain a popular attraction for both its incredible art and interesting ghost sightings.

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