Unique Stained Glass Applications

Church windows are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word stained glass.  However, there are many different types of stained glass out there. Nobody understands this better than us since we are one of the country’s most prolific stained glass studios. In our 20 years in Dallas and most other major cities, we have crafted numerous stained glass pieces for various applications.

Read below to learn some about some unique stained glass ideas.

Unique Stained Glass Applications

Family Crest stained Glass: These are usually stained glass panels that hang on the wall. They’re often adorned with a coat of arms or crested motifs. In addition, the design usually incorporates the family name.

Stained Glass Lampshades: Tiffany Studios is famous for creating some of the most renowned stained glass lampshades. Lampshade stained glass was very popular in the 2oth century.  However, it is still popular today. Stained glass lamp shades are often seen in commercial spaces but work well in homes too.

Stained Glass Decorative Panels: These are quite fashionable at the moment. They’re free hung in windows or used as room separators over counters and nooks. The nicest aspect about them is that they’re usually very artsy and made specifically for your Dallas home’s décor.  Also, you can move them around your home as needed.

Stained Glass Wedding Panels: A stained glass backdrop is a fantastic method to take great photos for your wedding ceremony. These might be a free-standing panel or suspended behind where the bride and groom will exchange vows. Stained glass dinner signs are also popular, and they may be kept and passed down through the family as heirlooms.

Stained Glass on Cabinets: Glass cabinets look wonderful in the kitchen, but it makes clutter easy to see. Cabinet door stained glass is a fantastic option to get beautiful coverage. It’s customizable, so you can make it match your present decor and give as much or as little coverage as you desire.

For more stained glass ideas, reach out to our Dallas staff to schedule a free stained glass consultation.

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