What are Stained Glass Panels?

Stained Glass Panels

The general assumption of stained glass is that it must replace a window, or at least be fully attached to a window.  However, stained glass panels are a great option that often goes unnoticed by many homeowners today.

Stained Glass Panel Options

Stained Glass Panel DesignsIf you’re interested in stained glass windows, but worried that you may not live in your current home forever, a custom designed stained glass window panel is a great solution.  This is a modification of traditional stained glass, and stained glass panels are usually hanging stained glass pieces that either hang inside of a window, or are attached to a window with removable brackets.

One of the most popular options for this type of stained glass is to get a family crest.  We can help you research your family name, and come up with a beautiful design that represents the history of your family.  This crest can be pasted on from generation to generation to your loved ones.

Stained Glass Panels Are a Great Choice for Homeowners

Stained glass can be an investment, and no matter where your life takes you, it may be important to take that investment with you.  Since our normal installation process involves bonding the stained glass to the inside of an existing, clear glass window, you can still achieve a similar look with a panel.  If you end up moving, you can add the same stained glass panel to a window in your new home.

One of the most amazing things about stained glass panels is that, if properly cared for, they can essentially last forever.  This means that you pass your unique work of glass art through your family for years to come.  Of course, if your panel is damaged, you can always contact us to have it repaired.

We often frame our leaded glass panels, and since we usually frame with wood, you can have it stained to match the look of your home.  When it comes to our custom stained glass, in fact, every aspect will personalized to the look of your home, and your own personal styles. We’ll pair you with one of our expert designers to work through this process, and ensure that you end up with stained glass panels that you truly love.

Let Scottish Create a Stained Glass Panel for You

If you have any questions about stained glass panels, or to set up a consultation with a designer in your area today, feel free to give us a call or send an email.  We can’t wait to help you add a beautiful, long lasting, family heirloom to your home today!

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