Which Installation Method is Right for Your Stained Glass Windows?

Although most of our clients’ usually focus on the design and production of their new stained glass windows, in fact, the installation process is equally important. Our stained glass is hand built with the highest quality materials and the most efficient techniques, but installation is another area in which Scottish Stained Glass excels.

install new bathroom windowOver the years, we have developed our own methods to meet the needs of our clients and their homes. Our most popular method of installation is a process whereby the new stained glass window panel is actually bonded to the inside of the existing pane of glass. This method provides superior insulation, effectively providing a single paned window with the thermal efficiency of a double. By keeping the existing window in place, we also protect the stained glass from the elements, the wind, hail, or even flying debris that could otherwise damage it.

Our bonding process assures you that your stained glass windows can be installed very cleanly and quickly. We use a specially developed bonding tape, and finish it off with a tiny amount of caulk around the edge of the stained glass panel. This has two purposes – it matches the color of the window trim, so no separation between the panel and the window frame is seen, and it prevents any dust or debris from somehow finding its way behind the stained glass and dulling its beauty.

Stained Glass Installation Methods

However, this method is not appropriate 100% of the time. In some cases, the existing windows are not in good enough condition, so they need to be replaced before the stained glass windows can be installed.

For other uses, such as shower doors or bathroom windows where there is constant exposure to moisture, we prefer to sandwich the stained glass in between two panels of clear glass, install bathroom stained glasseffectively creating a factory sealed, triple paned unit that is easy to clean, and protects the stained glass art from the damaging effects of moisture over time. For this type of installation we use tempered glass, and always comply with all local building codes and new construction safety regulations.

It’s not the glass itself that is negatively impacted by moisture, it’s the metal strips that hold it together which could become corroded or weakened over time.

There’s another method of stained glass installation which most people have never considered. This is actually less of an installation, than simply hanging the panel in the window from hooks, as if you were hanging a painting. For this method, we could construct a metal or wooden frame around the stained glass panel, and attach the hooks.

If you’re wondering why anyone would prefer this method, there are a few good reasons. Many people move over the course of their lives, and you might be very sorry to have to leave your gorgeous stained glass windows behind if that becomes your situation! Simply unhooking the panel and taking it with you to your new home is a lot easier than having to uninstall the entire window pane. (Although this is a service we offer as well!)

Get The Right Stained Glass Installation Method For Your Home

When you work with Scottish Stained Glass to custom design a window or door, our designers will discuss the installation options with you. Contact us today for more information.

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