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Elegant San Antonio Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass will come to your home and design your stained glass FREE of charge. It’s the ultimate in service. We even offer evening and weekend appointments for those who are busy or working during normal business hours. Apart from the convenience factor, the benefit of the in-home design service is that our designers get to see your design style and the architecture of your home and then can work with you to create the perfect stained glass or leaded glass panel.

Scottish Stained Glass San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas is a city with rich history, vibrant art, and unique culture. The neighborhoods, which spread out and surround the downtown area, range from eclectic to traditional, historical to contemporary, and luxurious to trendy. No matter what San Antonio neighborhood your home is in, Scottish Stained Glass can create a unique piece of art for your residence that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All of our stained and leaded glass windows are custom-designed which makes it possible to reflect both you and your home’s distinctive style. With so many of our newer homes looking the same in the suburbs of San Antonio, stained glass can make your home stand out yet stay true to its original integrity.

Stained Glass Designs in San Antonio

Although all of our stained glass windows are custom made and designed, there are several general genres that have influenced and inspired some of our pieces in the past. We have created stained and leaded glass windows that are traditional, contemporary, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie style, Celtic inspired, Floral, Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired and many other styles including Mission. Whatever your personal design preference may be, Scottish Stained Glass can reflect it in the window’s design. This may be dictated by the architecture of your San Antonio home or your homes interior design. As we know the variety of home styles in San Antonio requires that we have the ability to coordinate your glass designs in many different forms to blend and enhance the appearance of your home. Over the years Scottish Stained Glass has designed more than 40,000 leaded and stained glass panels. Our unique computer design service allows us to show you how your glass will look even before it is made.

Stained Glass – Color or No Color?

When choosing the types of glass that will be used in your stained or leaded glass window or door panel our clients always ask the question “color or no color?” The answer will be different for every client. 70% of our clients in San Antonio will choose to have their leaded glass made with beveled cut glass pieces and no color where the other 30% will choose to add some color. When you look at the photos on this page you will see only 2 which have color. The others use beveled cut glass pieces and colorless textured glass.

Achieving Privacy With Your Leaded Glass

Scottish stained glass is the perfect addition to any San Antonio home, no matter the size, shape, or location of your existing windows. Privacy is an important issue in homes. Often, there are sidelights, bathroom windows, and bedroom windows that can allow direct views into the interior spaces. Scottish Stained Glass can elegantly, functionally, and affordably solve this problem by installing stained and leaded glass windows. The views are distorted which helps prevent people from seeing in from the outside, but you do not lose the natural light. Stained glass also deflects the direct light, helping to avoid unnecessary and excessive heat from the Texas sun.

Which Rooms To Install Leaded Glass

Stained glass and leaded glass can be applied to entryways, bathrooms and transoms for privacy but it can also be used in many areas of the home where there is not the need for privacy. We have installed many of our stained glass pieces in kitchens, both in windows and in cabinets. Stained glass in your kitchen cabinets is a great way to lighten a kitchen while incorporating unique works of art. Homes in San Antonio will often have an interior office with glass doors or a space in a wall which joins between 2 rooms. Basement windows are another practical yet interesting location to apply stained glass. Natural light is important in basements, but often times there are unattractive views of window wells that you want to avoid. Stained glass will allow that natural light to keep coming into the space while replacing the unpleasant view with a beautiful, customized piece. Wine room doors are another area which can look spectacular with the addition of stained glass. Play the video above and get more ideas for enhancing your home with Scottish Stained glass.

Stained Glass Manufacture

Scottish Stained Glass isn’t just the name of our business, its also our unique method of manufacturing stained and leaded glass which produces the highest quality finish on the lead and an attention to fine detail which cannot be found anywhere else. We are very proud to say that all the stained and leaded glass panels installed in San Antonio are made locally here in Texas by our wonderful staff of experienced American artisans.

Stained Glass Installation

At Scottish Stained Glass we have developed unique installation methods for every possible situation. These are more fully explained in our “Installation” page but briefly our most popular method of installing glass is the bonding method. This involves leaving in the existing clear glass and bonding the stained glass on the inside of your home. The finished result is quite remarkable and the clear glass outside is invisible from the inside but acts to protect the stained glass and insulate your home.

Texas Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass serves San Antonio as well as the entire state of Texas including Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. The designers at Scottish Stained Glass will work with you to design high-quality, striking stained glass windows. Our extensive and thorough design process allows us to communicate with you over the phone, through mail, and via computers as well as in person. No matter your location, all of these steps ensure that your custom stained glass window design and installation process goes smoothly. We look forward to working with you on your stained glass project soon!

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San Antonio Stained Glass – Client Testimonial

I had a great experience with Scottish Stained Glass. My designer, Aimee, showed up fully prepared. I did not have to think about anything too much. She had all the sample stained glasses and ipad with all the different designs. Once I had narrowed down some choices she drew the sample to scale which helped a lot in making a decision on the design I chose. Within a week I had a CAD with 2 different choices from my designer, which was great so I could see exactly what the stained glass would look like before I proceeded. Lastly, the installer was timely and was great about communicating with me when he was available and showed in a timely manner. Overall a great expereince with Scottish Stained Glass I would recommend them to everyone! Thanks!

Kathryn Hodge – Texas
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