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Backlit Stained Glass

Backlit Stained Glass Services for Historic and Religious Properties

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to offer innovative backlit stained glass services for historic and religious properties across the nation. Backlit stained glass offers the opportunity to transform antique and new stained glass windows into eye-catching stand-alone installations. This allows commercial, religious, and residential properties to repurpose old stained glass windows as well as create vibrant signage and art without natural lighting and window space.

Premium Custom LED Lighting Stained Glass Options

We’ve partnered with leading LED custom lighting manufacturers in order to provide premium options for all of our clients. We can create custom LED backlighting for any stained glass feature, ensuring a perfect fit to the existing shape and size. Illuminate any antique or new stained glass design with energy-efficient LED lighting. This gives property owners the option to restore and keep historic pieces that they otherwise may decide to replace. Great for visual branding and marketing, create custom signage, photo opportunities for guests, and much more.

The Benefits of Custom LED Backlit Stained Glass

Our LED light panels customized for stained glass panels and features offer the following exclusive benefits:

  • Choose from single-color white, tunable white, and RGBW color lighting options
  • Choose the number of lumens for brightness
  • Frameless appearance
  • Energy-efficient lighting option with minimal heat output
  • Consistent lighting throughout the panel
  • Slim design that adds 8mm to any stained glass
  • 70,000 hour lifespan with patented heat sink
  • Flexible LED lighting panel options available

Schedule Your Backlit Stained Glass Consultation

Backlit stained glass opens a whole new world of creativity and restoration options for stained glass. We’re always here to help you discover the right custom LED lighting needed for your stained glass and intended space.

Contact us today to learn more about our backlight stained glass services.

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