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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass

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Mackintosh Crest

Mackintosh Stained Glass Cross

Three Roses Stained Glass

Butterfly Mackintosh Stained Glass

Mackintosh Stained Glass Rose

Mackintosh Stained Glass Roses

Simple Stained Glass Mackintosh Flower

Mackintosh Stained Glass Colored Panel

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Panel

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Glasgow School of Art

Scottish is inspired daily by actual Mackintosh stained glass.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Glasgow Stained Glass

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Rose Stained Glass

MSG 12
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Door Panel

MSG 13
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Design

MSG 14
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Cathedral

MSG 15
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Shapes

MSG 16
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Doors

MSG 17
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Windows

MSG 18
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Rose

MSG 19
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Window Designs

MSG 20
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Restaurant Windows

MSG 21
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Desk

MSG 22
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Design

MSG 23
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Art Lover

MSG 24

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Inspires Some of Our Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass designs are loved by every Scotsman not to mention our owner, Martin Faith, who was born in Scotland.

“I grew up close the Glasgow School of Art. Mackintosh designed the whole building including every piece of furniture and all the stained glass” says Martin. “Mackintosh even designed the font for the lettering which is used in and around the building. The font now called willow is also used by Scottish Stained Glass for our logos. I would encourage anyone visiting Glasgow to have tea at the Willow Tearooms in Sauchiehall Street where the multi talented Mackintosh designed everything – including the teaspoons. I probably pay more attention to our Mackintosh designs than I do with any other design style. I want to make sure every aspect is perfect just in case he is looking over my shoulder!”

Charles Rennie MacKintosh – Architect and Designer

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928) was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He not only attended the Glasgow School of Art but in 1896 was commissioned to design a new building for the School. He was an Architect but also would design the entire interior of his buildings including the furniture and artwork including stained glass windows.

Anyone visiting Glasgow might like to know that three of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s buildings were recently named among Glasgow’s “50 most important landmarks” They are the Glasgow School of Art, The Scotland Street School and the Mackintosh Church at Queen’s Cross.

Scottish Stained Glass MacKintosh Style Designs

The use of stained glass in much of Mackintosh’s work has influenced thousands of stained glass artists around the world. At Scottish Stained Glass we are careful not to copy his work but instead will add our own interpretation of the Mackintosh style. Most of our clients have specific sizes and shapes which they would like us to design stained glass to fit. It therefore becomes rather important to think about the proportions of the original Mackintosh designs and balance this with the new stained glass project. Scottish Stained Glass has been able to incorporate some of Mackintosh’s furniture designs and general artwork into our stained glass creations.

Mackintosh Stained Glass designs such as the 4 squares, (also used in our logo) and the Mackintosh Rose design, (sometimes called the Glasgow Rose, feature prominently in the work of Scottish Stained Glass.

One of the great qualities of the stained glass designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh was his ability to effortlessly move from very geometric “Mission Style” designs to free flowing “Art Nouveau” styles. Sometimes at Scottish Stained Glass we have even combined both the geometric and the free flowing styles into a single design with some stunning results which we are really proud of.

Using our CAD system we have designed and manufactured several hundred Mackintosh style designs. These now grace the homes of our clients all over the United States and around the world.

As you can see from the Scottish Stained Glass examples on this page the influence of Mackintosh can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

Getting Started with the Design Process

To get started in the design process simply send us an email or call our office with the dimensions of the stained glass you would like to create. We will work with you to design a one of a kind Charles Rennie MacKintosh style panel for your window, door, transom or simply a beautiful artistic glass window to hang in your home. If you need the window panel installed we can even help with that, anywhere in the US.

Installation of Your Charles Rennie MacKintosh Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass is manufactured locally here in the USA and we will either ship it to you or arrange for one of our installers to visit your home and carry out the installation for you. The actual installation is very simple so most home owners do it themselves and we have videos to show you how easy it is.

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