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Higher Quality Glass & Better Trained Artisans Results in Extraordinary Stained Glass Windows

Our company has manufactured over 100,000 leaded and stained glass windows, and our artisans are the best ever assembled by any studio. Our materials are of the highest quality materials and our workmanship is second to none. Founder Martin Faith learned the art of stained glass in his home of Scotland, and his passion for quality is reflected in each of our passionate builders.

Our Proprietary Stained Glass Manufacturing Process

We get our glass from many quality manufacturers around the world, and unlike some of our competitors, all of our custom stained glass is completely top of the line.  Why invest in glass is that is only sub-par?  At Scottish Stained Glass, we use nothing less than the best glass available.  Because of this, some projects take longer to complete than our competitors, but the wait is well worth the superior quality.  We have over 600 colors to choose from, which allows us to find the perfect color and pattern for your particular needs.

Our team is the most skilled in the nation, which is why we are the leading stained glass manufacturer available.  In addition to your own designer, your piece will have its’ own builder, devoted to making sure everything is built according to plan.  You can feel confident placing your project in our hands, as our builders are incredibly talented and experienced.  Our designers and builders actually work as a team, ensuring that the picture you see when you order your stained glass window design is exactly what you get in your final product.

Stained glass today is often mass-produced, and the uniqueness of this art is often lost.  At Scottish Stained Glass, however, many of our windows are actually assembled by hand, which a skill that can only be developed over time.  Our team has been carefully assembled to ensure the best product creation available.  Scottish Stained Glass builders take the time to cut, form, and place each leaded and beveled glass piece exactly where it should be.

Schedule Your Stained Glass Consultation

At our Denver location, we also restore antique stained glass that has been imported all the way from Scotland.  If you’re interested in purchasing an authentic antique piece, contact us today.  Similarly, if you need your stained glass repaired or restored, our expert builders can work with your glass to bring it back to its original state.

Contact us today with any questions about beginning work on a stained glass piece in your home, or setting up an appointment to visit our showroom.  In the meantime, please browse our gallery to get a better idea of our many options for adding stained glass to your home.

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