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Stained Glass Assessment

stained glass assessment

Comprehensive Stained Glass Assessments for Repair and Restoration

Assessments are an essential part of any repair, restoration, or conservation project. If you have encounter a studio willing to give you a scope of work or estimate over the phone without an on-site assessment, this is a major red flag. The assessment process is key in solving challenges, creating restoration plans, and delivering the most accurate estimates available. It is also a great opportunity for those that are uncertain what type of work they need to be completed on their stained glass.

Our Proprietary Stained Glass Assessment Process

Whether you notice some age-related deterioration or have experienced recent vandalism, these first signs of damage should be your sign to contact an experienced repair and restoration studio. When a client contacts us for stained glass restoration in their religious property, business, or home, the first step to the process is scheduling an in-person assessment. One of our master stained glass artisans will come and evaluate your stained glass and all the other factors.

During this initial assessment, your stained glass will be extensively evaluated in order to find all the root causes of deterioration. This is important because there can be multiple factors that are impacting the condition of your stained glass. We take notes and determine all the causes of damage in order to create a custom restoration plan. This plan will also include a cost-benefit analysis, project work scope, pricing estimate, as well as the value of your stained glass unrestored vs. restored.

Stained Glass Assessments for Insurance Claims

Assessments are critical especially if you’re working with an insurance claim for your project. Insurance companies often underestimate the cost needed for the proper preservation of stained glass due to inexperience. Having an experienced restoration studio evaluate your stained glass can offer them this critical report so that you minimize the chance of receiving an inadequate amount of money for taking care of the repairs.

Other Benefits of Stained Glass Assessments

Stained glass assessments are also a great opportunity for comparing quotes and the scope of work with various studios. It’s always best to do your research and compare different companies so you find the right artisans for your restoration work. Our stained glass assessment fees will be applied to your restoration project if you decide to use our studio for your upcoming restoration project.

Schedule Your Stained Glass Assessment

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to provide comprehensive stained glass assessments for repair and restoration work across the nation. As the industry leader in proper restoration and conservation, we’re happy to help you with all of your stained glass needs. Whether you have a historic panel in your Denver home or aging religious glass in your Salt Lake City church, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your stained glass assessment today!


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