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Custom Stained Glass Design Process

Stained Glass Design Process

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30+ Years in Business Has Perfected Our Unique, Custom Stained Glass Design Process

Our clients can choose from hundreds of our existing designs or they can create and manufacture a completely custom stained glass design which will never be repeated again. With over 200 different textures and colors to choose from the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Our Denver stained glass studio has produced over 40,000 custom leaded and stained glass windows doors and panels over the past 20 years making us not only the largest producer in Denver or indeed Colorado but in fact the largest custom studio in the United States.

Our reputation for excellence has attracted stained glass artisans from all over the country to relocate to Denver and learn the fine art of Scottish Stained Glass.

“I love the fact that our company has become such a big part of the community in Denver,” says Martin Faith, the owner. “It seems that everybody in Denver and the surrounding cities either has some Scottish Stained glass in their home or knows someone who has. The public here in Colorado has really embraced our concept of fine art leaded glass as an elegant architectural feature of the home. Nowadays in Denver, it’s hard to imagine any high-end home being built that doesn’t include at least one piece of Scottish Stained Glass.”

Custom Styled Stained Glass Installation

Our Houston workshop was opened 5 years ago and as our reputation has grown more and more orders have come in to the Denver and Houston studios from all over the United States. Martin explains, ”There’s really nothing else like Scottish Stained Glass anywhere else so as our clients occasionally moved out of State and wanted a similar look in their new homes we devised ways to design their new leaded and stained glass panels via an online CAD system. Once finished, we will pack and ship the panels along with full installation materials and instructions. Of course, their new neighbors wanted some Scottish Stained glass and within a few years we have over 1,000 new clients and friends across the country”

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Whether you live in Denver, Houston, New York, LA, or anywhere in between, Scottish Stained Glass has the perfect leaded or stained glass window designs for your home. Contact us and you’ll soon see why we have become known as the “World’s most beautiful windows”.

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