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Commercial Stained Glass Restoration

Commercial Stained Glass Restoration

Religious properties may be the most common places you’ll find antique stained glass. However, commercial properties and old historic buildings often have these original stained glass features too. When it comes to properly preserving your building’s stained glass windows, proper restoration is required.

The Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Process

Every project requires an on-site assessment to determine the root causes of damage. After the assessment is complete, our team will create a custom restoration plan to address the needs of your commercial stained glass. Once you’ve signed off on the project, we carefully remove your stained glass and transport it back to our studio for restoration. For event centers and other commercial properties that operate during the restoration process, we can create temporary installations or other solutions suitable for your needs.

Your commercial stained glass will soak in a proprietary bath for up to two weeks so that all the dirt and grime that has built up over the past century can be easily removed. It is then disassembled and any pieces of glass that are in good condition will be cataloged. The rest of your stained glass is restored piece by piece. We always look for a 100% color match either in our inventory or pursuing custom glass blowing to accomplish this. Painted glass is also restored by our conservation specialists.

Once all glass pieces have been restored, new lead is created. We safely dispose of the old lead and utilize a proprietary blend for optimal structural integrity. We then use black cement for additional support and let it set. The restored stained glass is then cleaned, polished, and reinstalled.

Schedule Your Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Consultation

Scottish Stained Glass is here to guide you through the commercial stained glass restoration process. We’re happy to help you find the right options and solutions to minimize operational downtime and successfully preserve your beloved stained glass. Schedule your free consultation today!


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