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Dalle Glass Restoration

dalle de verre glass restoration

Dalle de Verre Restoration

If you are in need of Dalle Glass restoration, Scottish Stained Glass would be honored to be part of your project.

Dalle Glass or Dalle de Verre is a style of stained glass that uses thick slabs of colored glass to create abstract or mosaic-like designs. “Dalle de Verre” is a French term that, directly translated, means “slabs of glass.” The technique originated in the 1930’s in France and was developed by Ernest Jean Gaudin, a Parisian painter and stained glass artisan best known for his mosaic compositions.

In the United States, Dalle Glass reached a height in popularity in the 1960’s and 1970’s. While it can be found throughout the country, we see a high concentration of Dalle Glass on the West Coast in states like California and in Southern states such as Texas.

Many of the Dalle Glass windows that exist today in the U.S. are approximately 50-60 years old, and are reaching an age where restoration is necessary to prevent irreversible damage and deterioration. Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be one of the very few studios in the U.S. that is able to provide Dalle de Verre restoration.


Restoration Protects & Preserves Your Dalle Glass

Dalle Glass is fashioned primarily from faceted glass, which has a unique ability to capture and refract light. Large pieces are cut from thick slabs of glass using a tile cutter or saw, which are then cut into shape and enhanced by chiseling the edge with a hammer to produce a faceted look.

Then, the pieces of glass are laid out in a pattern according to the artist’s vision and placed on a flat bed of sand. Epoxy is poured into the spaces between the glass, which produces a type of epoxy mortar when it comes into contact with the sand, firmly cementing the glass in place. Next, more sand is added to fill the gaps between the individual pieces of glass, which creates an aesthetic similar to the grout used in tiling.

While it is this technique that gives Dalle Glass its stunning aesthetic, it also is what ultimately causes its decline. As buildings settle and the glass is exposed to the elements, the epoxy mortar is placed under stress. Over the years, it begins to weaken, and may eventually crumble. Individual pieces of glass may develop cracks or become loose, posing a severe safety hazard due to their immense size and weight.

Restoration allows Dalle Glass to remain structurally sound and reverses the damage that has occurred over the years. While it is a time-intensive process, it is a worthwhile investment because it eliminates safety risks and preserves the composition so it can be kept on display and enjoyed for several decades longer.


Dalle de Verre Restoration Process

Our process for Dalle de Verre restoration begins with an onsite consultation so we can inspect and analyze the condition of the glass.

We begin repairs by removing a section or two at a time. While the repairs are being made, we can insert a faux replica of the missing section to preserve the aesthetic of the composition.

The section is taken apart, then each slab of glass is cleaned up around the edges to remove all the epoxy mortar. Next, we replace any severely damaged pieces that cannot be saved, though we try to be conservative about this matter to preserve the original work.

Afterwards, we essentially reassemble the panel using the same techniques that the original artist used years ago. The panel is cleaned up, reinstalled, and we move onto the next section. This process is repeated until all sections have been successfully restored.


Schedule Your Dalle Glass Restoration Consultation

Scottish Stained Glass is happy to help guide you through the restoration process and provide exclusive Dalle Glass conservation services. Schedule your free consultation today!


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