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Painted Glass Restoration

Painted Glass Restoration

The Painted Glass Restoration Process for Conservation & Restoration Projects

Painted glass or fired glass is a form of medium that is well known among stained glass windows and features. When it comes to painted glass featured on stained glass, it is commonly used in churches in order to portray religious figures, scenery, and other detailed imagery. While there are painted glass windows that only feature this medium, it is most commonly combined with other glass components. Artists often design painted glass in layers, firing in between each to create dimension.

Painted Glass Restoration for Churches and Religious Properties

It’s critical to always work with an experienced studio for all of your restoration needs. This is especially true if your stained glass has any painted glass features. Since only a handful of studios are capable of truly restoring and preserving painted glass, it’s important to do your research. We’re humbled to have leading painted glass conservation experts on our team with proprietary techniques for properly preserving painted glass.

Our Specialty Painted Glass Restoration Process

Our painted glass conservation specialists are trained to replicate methodology and brushstroke from all time periods. We always 100% color match paint through custom creation and have glass custom blown so everything is always an exact match to the original. Painted glass typically uses multiple layers in order to create depth and detail. Our painted glass artisans use the same techniques in order to preserve the original artist’s work. Based on the project, we’ll only replace the glass if necessary or we’ll use a proprietary invisible glass mending technique required for conservation projects.

Restoring Broken Painted Glass Features

We’ve created our own specialty process in which we’re able to restore broken painted glass and properly preserve them for at least another century. We’ve developed a proprietary adhesive for accomplishing invisible mending and restoration. This allows us to maintain as much of the original as possible without having to recreate new painted glass pieces. If you have all of the original painted glass, we can piece them back together utilizing this new method. Once cured, the restored glass will last the lifetime of your windows.

Schedule Your Painted Glass Restoration Consultation

Scottish Stained Glass is happy to help guide you through the restoration process and provide exclusive painted glass conservation services. We’re always available for consultations and can provide expert recommendations for what’s best for your stained glass. Schedule your free consultation today!


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