Three Benefits of Restoring Historical Stained Glass Windows for Commercial Spaces in Fort Worth

Posted October 18th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Historical stained glass can be a major drawing point to your commercial space. Stained glass features can draw customers in from around the world, prioritizing the shared value of art and history. Having historic stained glass is truly unique, creating great photo opportunities for your guests. If you notice that your stained glass isn’t what it used to be, it’s probably time for restoration. Restoration offers significant benefits that any commercial space in Fort Worth should take advantage of.

Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Benefits for Your Fort Worth Property

  1. Keep your historic stained glass in great condition: If left unrestored, your stained glass will deteriorate and fall apart. Restoring your stained glass ensures that your guests can continue enjoying your iconic feature for generations to come.
  2. Improve overall property value: Restored stained glass has a significantly higher value than unrestored stained glass. Restoration offers a great investment opportunity for improving your overall property value. If your restoration takes place in a timely manner, it can be considerably cheaper than replacement.
  3. Attract new guests and retain repeat customers: A lot of people appreciate stained glass and historical features. Historic stained glass is often an attracting point for many– restoring your historic stained glass can help attract new guests and retain repeat customers.

Work with Fort Worth’s Preferred Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred commercial stained glass restoration experts serving the Fort Worth area. We’ve worked with countless commercial properties throughout the nation in helping properly preserve their historic stained glass. We’ll create custom solutions for addressing any of your concerns during the restoration process. We’re happy to provide on-site consultations as well if you’re uncertain if your stained glass is ready for restoration.

For more information regarding commercial stained glass restoration, please contact us!


How to Get Started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Hotels in Dallas

Posted October 18th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Does your Dallas hotel have an incredible historic stained glass feature? Stained glass has played a significant role in many hotels, providing beautiful photo opportunities and attracting guests from all over the world. Proper maintenance and care can provide the product longevity that you’re looking for. When your stained glass reaches a certain age or starts to experience significant deterioration, restoration is in order. The stained glass restoration process can add another century or two to your stained glass’ lifespan, ensuring years of great condition.

Hotel Stained Glass Restoration Assessment for Dallas Properties

If you notice the following signs of deterioration, it is important to start the restoration process: concave or convex-shaped glass, cracked glass, missing glass, scratched glass, soft lead, deteriorating lead, white film on the glass, brittle joints, yellowing plexiglass, excess dirt on glass, etc. Restoration is typically required around the 75-year to 100-year mark, to give a better timeframe. If you’re uncertain if your stained glass needs restoration, contact a restoration expert for an assessment. Either way, the next step is finding the right stained glass artisan for the project. Make sure to ask for past project portfolios and client referrals for similar-sized jobs. Once you pick the right studio, they’ll provide an on-site assessment of your stained glass. This assessment is necessary for providing accurate project estimates, project timeline, as well as a custom-tailored solution that addresses your specific situation.

Work with Dallas’ Preferred Hotel Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred hotel stained glass restoration experts serving the Dallas area. We specialize in historic stained glass restoration and can provide custom solutions for addressing all of your guest needs. Work with our artisans for all of your stained glass needs.

For more information regarding hotel stained glass restoration, please contact us!

3 Reasons You Should Repair Instead of Remove Your Austin Home’s Antique Stained Glass

Posted October 17th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Many homeowners here in Austin are facing the issue of the stained glass on their home needing restoration. This is because the windows made around the beginning of the last century, 100 years ago or more, last about that long before needing it. Some homeowners simply remove the stained glass and replace it with something new. However, stained glass is not that difficult to have repaired. Once restored, stained glass windows on your Austin home will last another 100+ years before needing restoration again. Meaning these beauties will likely outlive you in your home. But there are plenty of benefits to you while you still reside in your house too.

  1. Stained Glass Keeps Your Home’s Vintage Look: While we make some pretty stunning stained glass recreations and amazing modern stained glass windows too–nothing can beat the look of your Austin home’s original stained glass. The colors used back at the turn of the 20th century have a certain unmistakably vintage hue that is simply stunning. Likewise, the designs chosen at that time represent an aesthetic that dovetails perfectly with your home’s architecture. By restoring your stained glass you keep the entire vintage look of your home ubiquitous and as elegant as the day it was built. 
  2. Stained Glass Increases Your Home’s Value: Stained glass on a home, regardless of whether it is new or old, has great value when it comes to appraisal time. Once restored, your stained glass will be worth that much more. However, there are also other value factors to consider, including the curb appeal of sidelight and transom windows and the natural light they provide. This not only makes them good for resale value but a quicker sale as well. 
  3. Stained Glass Is Incredibly Functional: Besides the obvious aesthetic value that stained glass lends to your home, there is the perfect function of this type of glass as well. It is the perfect way to add privacy to your home but no feel shut-in like you may with curtains or blinds. Vintage stained glass on your Austin homes entryway, sidelights or bedroom windows was likely put there for the very reason of keeping your home more private. This type of privacy solution was way before its time and is still the number one reason people have stained glass installed to this day!

For more information on restoration on the historical or vintage stained glass in your Austin home, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

Is Historical Restoration of Stained Glass a Smart Decision for Your Commercial Space?

Posted October 15th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Stained glass is not just something that was put into churches here in Denver. Around the turn of the 20th-century stained glass in the US was put in all types of buildings. From retail stores to banks and bars–stained glass was a ubiquitous trend. This same stained glass in commercial spaces here in Denver is now turning 100 years old or more. Which means restoration is imminent. Beyond the fact that stained glass needs to be restored or it could fall into permanent disrepair–what reasons would commercial spaces here in the Denver area have to restore these historical treasures? As it turns out, quite a few! We have listed some of the most compelling reasons below.

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass Strengthens Community Ties

When we work with churches to restore stained glass windows, often the entire community in which the church resides comes together. Commercial spaces are no different. If your stained glass is over 100 years old, it is often considered historical, if not antique. There are community organizations and even grants available to help commercial spaces, just like yours, restore antique stained glass, because it benefits the community at large. 

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass Attract New Clients

Stained glass is lovely and there is a reason it was installed across industries–it attracts people. Whatever your stained glass looks like now is probably just a shadow of what it will look like once restored. When you invest the time and money to have the stained glass in your Denver commercial space restored, you will surely attract new customers entranced by your stunning restoration piece.

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass Preserves A Piece of Denver History

The fact of the matter is, stained glass windows, especially in commercial spaces, are a part of Denver’s rich history. It is likely that some of them were made by burgeoning artisans or studios in Denver’s past and have a good story behind them. More to the point, if your Denver location has stained glass in it, it was likely a lively hub back in the “pioneer” days. By restoring the historic stained glass then, you are doing your part preserving the amazing “Wild West” past Denver is known for.

For more information on how to begin a restoration of your historical stained glass in your commercial space, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

How to get started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Retail Spaces in Fort Collins

Posted October 14th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Some stores with stained glass on stores here in Fort Collins dates back to the early 1900s. Which means it is likely due for restoration. Why? The reason for this is simple. Stained glass made at the beginning of the 20th century was built to last about 80-100 years before need restoration. This means a couple of things. First, it is likely time to get your retail location’s stained glass repair if you want it to last another 100 years. Secondly, the stained glass in your Fort Collins store has historical value and that should be considered when contemplating the value and cost of repairs. But what exactly is the process for starting on a restoration of historical retail stained glass? Read below to understand where to begin

Determining If Your Retail Stained Glass Needs Restoration

Examine Your Stained Glass Yourself

The first step on your restoration journey is to examine your stained glass to get an idea of its superficial state. This means taking a close look at the glass to see if there are any chips, cracks or missing pieces. Also, examine the leading. Is it chipped and brittle? Or does it look saggy? These are all signs that the stained glass in your Fort Collins retail hub may need repair.

Have A Professional Access Your Stained Glass

The next thing to do is to have a professional do an assessment of your stained glass. A professional will take a much deeper look at the glass, leading and structural elements. They will be able to see things you may have missed like concave windows or micro-fissures. They will also be able to give you an estimate of time and cost. This will be important for the next step.

Talk To Your Investors and Employees

Once you know the state of your stained glass, how much it will cost to repair and how long, the next step is to talk to those invested in your store. This could mean actual investors and partners. It could also mean employees who may have to take a bit of time off during restoration. Most of the time we here at Scottish are minimally intrusive but preparing interested parties is key to a successful stained glass restoration.

For more information on retail stained glass or stained glass restoration in Fort Collins, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

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