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Restoration vs. Conservation

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What’s the Difference Between Stained Glass Restoration and Conservation?

For historical properties containing original antique stained glass, there comes a time when age-related deterioration begins to impact these windows. Typically around the 75-year to 100-year mark, damage and deterioration will require restoration in order to properly preserve your stained glass for generations to come. Whether you’ve already completed a restoration in the past or are beginning the research process for this upcoming project, you may or may not have heard the terms “restoration” and “conservation”. Let’s dig in to discover the differences between stained glass restoration and stained glass conservation.

Stained Glass Restoration vs. Stained Glass Conservation

When it comes to preserving your original antique stained glass, you’ll either need a restoration or conservation. For most stained glass, restoration will be the route taken. Our proprietary restoration process is always custom-tailored to each project based on the causes of deterioration. During restoration, your stained glass will be removed and carefully transported back to our studio. From here, it is soaked in a specialty solution for up to two weeks in order to remove all dirt buildup and make disassembly easier. We then replace all damaged glass from either our inventory or have custom glass blown for a perfect match. New lead is also created and protective exterior glass options are also discussed and chosen.

For certain pieces, like original Tiffany glass, conservation will be needed. Conservation differs from restoration as we prioritize maintaining as much of the original glass as possible. While the lead came will always be replaced to ensure better, long-lasting structural integrity, conservation methods are much more conservative when it comes to the glass. We use a proprietary glass mending process for cracks and other techniques for maintaining the original pieces. Conservation is ideal only for certain projects. An in-person assessment is always the best way to determine if restoration or conservation is the right option for your stained glass.

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Scottish Stained Glass is proud to offer both restoration and conservation services for clients throughout the nation. We’ve worked on a variety of projects and have the leading experienced team for executing a successful outcome for every unique situation. We welcome you to schedule an assessment if you’re uncertain which option is best for you. Schedule your free consultation today!

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