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Embrace the Amazingly Beautiful Heritage of
Celtic Stained Glass

Celtic art and culture have a long and complicated history, dating back as far as the 8th century B.C. The Celts were a diverse group of tribal societies, mainly from Northern Europe, but they spread out geographically. The Celts now survive linguistically in the modern Celtic speakers of Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany.

Celtic art was heavily influenced by outside sources. Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Germany, Rome, and Wales are countries which claim to have been influential towards the development of the Celtic style and culture. Celtic art typically depicts geometrical decoration, steering away from figurative subjects. If figurative subjects are portrayed in Celtic artwork, they tend to be stylized and simplified. The most prominent characteristics of Celtic art is the knotwork and interlacing patterns, including circles, triskeles, and sprials. Celtic art is ornamental, curvilinear, and often involves complex symbolism. The intertwined lines were significant to the Celts, symbolizing their thoughts on eternal life and the relationship between worlds.
As previously mentioned, celtic knotwork is the best known style of Celtic design, and it lends itself beautifully to Celtic stained glass and Celtic leaded glass designs. At Scottish Stained Glass we have used the influence of Celtic art as inspiration to design many of our stained and leaded glass windows. Our stained glass windows with knotwork designs often incorporate clear beveled glass pieces which reflects the ornamental, elegant, and timeless style of Celtic art, as you can see from many of the examples on this page. This also allows our clients to incorporate a Celtic stained glass window into any area of the home and still allow natural light to come through the leaded glass and keep the room brightly lit from the outside daylight. The opposite can also be true in that darker colors can be used to block some light and visibility in situations where a reduction in light is desired.

Scottish Stained Glass has designed several hundred Celtic Stained Glass windows and panels over the past 20 years. Many of our clients can trace their heritage back to the geographical locations where the Celts settled many years ago and may indeed be descendents. Having a piece of Celtic stained glass designed and installed by Scottish Stained Glass will hopefully bring you as much comfort and piece of mind as it brought to those original peoples from long ago.

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