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Many chapels across the country have stunning stained glass windows, installed any time over the past hundred years or so. These windows have become an integral part of the chapel and the worship experience for those lucky enough to enjoy them.

Religious Stained Glass Restoration Guide

Stained glass is popular in all sorts of chapels, from university chapels to hospital chapels and even the incredible chapel stained glass at West Point. The famed Kirkpatrick Chapel at Rutgers University is a perfect example of the tradition of chapel stained glass, with gorgeous windows that were gifts from various graduating classes around the turn of the nineteenth century. Some of those windows were done by the famed stained glass studio of Louis Tiffany.

Whether famous or not, it would be a terrible shame to let any chapel stained glass deteriorate to the point where it cannot be saved. For this reason, we always advise our clients to contact us as soon as they see any signs of problems with the stained glass.

While chapel stained glass windows are built to last for generations, there are a variety of issues that can happen to them over the years. Much chapel stained glass consists of enormous windows, which are incredibly heavy. That heaviness, combined with the effects of the elements and the aging of the lead strips that holds the glass together can begin to take a toll on any stained glass.

We do chapel stained glass restoration or repair, depending on exactly what your stained glass windows need after a thorough examination. We have extensive experience with religious, church, and chapel stained glass: both building it custom and restoring the beautiful windows of old. Stained glass is a form of art, obviously, and the restoration of this art, the honoring of the craftsmen who came before us, is something we take very seriously.

If you have damaged or visibly aging chapel stained glass and don’t know if it can or should be restored, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Many times, particularly with larger chapel stained glass windows, the entire window will start to bow or sag. In some cases, a sheet of lightweight Plexiglas has been added to the exterior of the stained glass to protect it from the elements. But this can cause heat buildup that has a damaging effect on the lead strips. When these strips bend or warp or become brittle, the whole window is in danger. Pieces of glass might even become loose enough to fall out on the people in the chapel, hardly the worship experience anyone would wish.

By standing beneath the window and looking up, one can usually see if the window is bowed or sagging in its frame. If so, if there are loose pieces of glass, cracked or missing glass, or bowing of the entire window, your chapel stained glass is in need of restoration.
For smaller windows, stained glass repair is also possible.

Please contact us for advice on chapel stained glass restoration, before your windows are so far gone that they cannot be restored and stained glass replacement is the only option.

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