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There are several methods of stained glass installation recommended by Scottish Stained Glass and each depends on what the client is trying to achieve. This could depend on whether the glass is being installed into an existing window/door, new construction, or remodel application.

Scottish Stained Glass can arrange the installation of your stained or leaded glass anywhere in the US and Canada and will provide advice on the best practices when it comes to any method of stained glass installation. Below is a summary of the most popular methods of installing custom stained glass panels.

The most widely used technique is our very own bonding method where the new leaded glass is simply bonded on the inside of the home to the existing glass in the window or door. This allows the client to keep the existing glass in place to give better insulation and help protect the stained glass from damage. We have specially-developed bonding tape for use in this application and the finishing touch is to apply a small bead of caulking around the edge of the stained glass window design to match the color of the trim and help ensure dust doesn’t get behind the stained glass.

The bonding method above will work in 75% of all windows but for glass being installed in a shower or in certain cases above a tub it may be necessary to sandwich the stained glass inside a double pane window to create a triple pane application. This is then installed into the existing (or new) window or door frame in place of the regular glass. In this case, the stained glass becomes factory sealed with clear glass on either side of it. Cleaning then becomes simple, but more importantly, moisture cannot penetrate the seal which makes it ideal in wet applications. The clear glass used in this method is tempered safety glass and complies with all building regulations for safety in a new construction application.

The third of the main stained glass installation methods is to add hooks to the panel and hang it in a window as a piece of artwork. The hooks can be either soldered to the outside edge of a metal frame around the stained glass panel or to a wood frame. For clients who simply wish to decorate with the stained glass or who frequently change homes this method makes a lot of sense as the glass can just be unhooked and taken to their next home.

Scottish Stained Glass will listen to what our clients tell us and give advice on the best stained glass window installation to suit your needs.

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