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Art Deco Stained Glass

Art Deco Stained Glass Buffalo New York

This ceiling, the most famous example of art deco stained glass in the country, was built in the 1920’s in the Buffalo, New York City Hall and can still be seen there today

Art Deco Stained Glass

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Art Deco Stained Glass

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Authentic Art Deco Stained Glass Designs

Art Deco was a popular international art design movement from 1925 until the 1940s, affecting the decorative arts such as architecture, interior design and industrial design, as well as the visual arts such as fashion, painting, the graphic arts and film. At the time, this style was seen as elegant, glamorous, functional and modern. Art Deco is know for its decorative linear symmetry as well as its mathematical and geometric roots.

Art deco style stained glass has always been another favorite of Scottish Stained Glass. Born of the optimism in the 1920’s and continuing into the 1930’s the Art Deco movement featured architecture and artwork with sleek lines and a modern, futuristic look. The largest cities of the world were caught up in this movement which quickly spread around the globe. In the United States the most recognizable example is the Chrysler building in New York. The curved and chevron shapes in Art Deco lend themselves nicely to creating patterns in stained glass and our designers at Scottish Stained Glass have had huge success over the years in creating our own version of Art Deco stained glass.

Art Deco a mixture of many different styles and movements of the early 20th century, including Neoclassical, Constructivism, Cubism, Modernism, Art Nouveau, and Futurism. It has also been heavily influenced by archaeological expeditions which led to the discoveries such as ancient Egyptian and Aztec forms. Although many design movements have political or philosophical roots or intentions, Art Deco was purely decorative.

Its popularity peaked in Europe during the “Roaring Twenties” and continued strongly in the United States through the 1930s. There was a decline in popularity because of the mass production of the Art Deco style. However, in the 1960s it’s popularity began to come back, and, again, in the 1980s it made another strong resurgence because of an increasing interest in graphic design.

If you tend to lean more towards geometrical and linear decor, you should know that Art Deco lends itself beautifully to stained glass windows. Unique, stylish, and timeless windows can be created by using lines, geometry, and symmetry. Color accents also lend themselves well to these stained glass windows, adding a simple but unexpected splash.

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