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Austin Beveled Entryway Stained Glass - ATSG 2Vernal City 2 Traditional Entryway Door Stained Glass - ATSG 3

Vernal City 3
Contemporary Entryway Stained Glass Door Sidelights - ATSG 4

Vernal City 4
Stained Glass Entryway Sidelight Panels & Transom

Vernal City 5
Entryway Stained Glass Rounded

Vernal City 6
Entryway Stained Glass Door & Sidelight

Vernal City 7
Stained Glass Windows & Entryways - ATSG 8

Vernal City 8
Entryway Stained Glass Doors & Sidelights - ATSG 9

Vernal City 9
Entryway Stained Glass Door - ATSG 10

Vernal City 10
Stained Glass Bathroom Windows - ATSG 11

Vernal City 11
Privacy Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - ATSG 12

Vernal City 12
Bathroom Window Stained Glass - ATSG

Vernal City 13
Bathroom Stained Glass Panels - ATSG 14

Vernal City 14
Bathroom Stained Glass Privacy Windows - ATSG 15

Vernal City 15
Bathroom Stained Glass

Vernal City 16
Bathroom Stained Glass Partitioned Windows - ATSG 17

Vernal City 17
Bathroom Stained Glass Beveled Window - ATSG 18

Vernal City 18
Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - ATSG 19

Vernal City 19
Living Room Stained Glass

Vernal City 20
Custom Window Well Stained Glass

Vernal City 21
Interior Stained Glass Panels

Vernal City 22
Arched Stained Glass Windows

Vernal City 23
Window Well Stained Glass

Vernal City 24
Prairie Style Stained Glass Doors

Vernal City 25
Hallway Stained Glass Entry

Vernal City 26
Basement Stained Glass Windows

Vernal City 27
Hallway Stained Glass

Vernal City 28
Austin Custom Retail Stained Glass - ATSG 29

Vernal City 29
Austin Retail Stained Glass - ATSG 30

Vernal Cit
Austin Retail Leaded Glass - ATSG 31

Vernal Cit
Austin Custom Leaded Glass Retail - ATSG 32

Vernal Cit
Austin Retail Stained Glass Accent - ATSG 33

Vernal Cit
Austin Retail Leaded Glass Storefront - ATSG 34

Vernal Cit


Stained Glass In Vernal City

Vernal City is has been growing fast over the last couple of decades like a lot of cities in Utah.  In fact, it has been slowly growing for over 100 years. Which is why this area is full of various home styles side by side.  And we must say–the juxtaposition of homes is lovely. From the newer homes out it Naples area to the old-style bungalows right off Main Street in the center of Vernal City, we have a wonderful mix of old and new.  When it comes to design elements for homes there is typically little crossover in design elements from modern to vintage homes. Yet, one home feature that works surprisingly well in any home is stained glass. This is because stained glass has so many looks and styles from traditional to very modern.  So for homes of all shapes, sizes, and ages here in the Vernal City area, stained glass is a fantastic home improvement.

Stained Glass For Vintage Vernal Homes

For vintage homes here in the Vernal City area, finding a stained glass to fit your style is pretty easy. Since it has been around through every major home design phase this country has seen stained glass comes in any style of America’s past.  This means that finding a historical style to go with your older home is easy! From Greene and Greene style windows to spruce up the bathroom of your Vernal bungalow to a Mackintosh style piece for your entryway–stained glass is always a perfect fit on vintage homes.  

Stained Glass For Modern Vernal Homes

While stained glass is great for older homes it compliments modern homes too!  Both in form and function. For instance– increase privacy on your entryway windows or add personality to your kitchen decor with stained glass installation. But stained glass is good for more than just windows.  It works especially well in unique places like glass cabinet doors, room dividers, and skylights. These areas, especially in modern homes are perfect spots to install a stained glass masterpiece. However, since stained glass is so customizable–you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will compliment your decor.  Because we will make it based on your home’s style. The sky is truly the limit but for newer homes, abstract stained glass designs are always a good fit. However, if you want a touch of something more traditional to go with your modern style–Prairie style stained glass will fit right in.

 Church Stained Glass In Vernal

Many churches here in Vernal have stained glass already.  So, here at Scottish Stained Glass, we offer first-rate cleaning, repair, and restoration services.  However, new stained glass for churches is also something we extraordinarily well. Whether you want a new window for a chapel remodel or a memorial piece of stained glass to honor a beloved patron–we are the area’s most prolific stained glass studio for the job.  We have created thousands of stained glass windows that are just cherished by congregations across the country! We would love to work with your church too and make something amazing that will last for generations. 

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we service all of the Salt Lake City and Eastern Utah areas.  For more information on stained glass windows for your Vernal home or church, reach out to us at Scottish Stained Glass for a free design consultation and pricing today! 

Schedule a Consultation Today

We provide free on-site consultations for all Vernal City residents in order to discuss project goals, priorities, and challenges. We’d love the opportunity to sit down with you to hand sketch all your design ideas and bring them to fruition. Contact us today!

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