Top 10 Most Stunning Stained Glass Installations In and Around Austin

stained glass installations austin

With its rich history and artistic culture, Austin is home to some of the most stunning stained glass creations in Texas. From historic churches to modern museums, here are 10 of the most beautiful stained glass installations that are worth visiting in Austin.

1. The Texas State Capitol: The Texas State Capitol shines with stained glass masterpieces from the renowned Tiffany Studios. Located in the rotunda and library, these ornate windows depict symbolic images of Texas history with vibrant color and detail.

2. St. Mary Cathedral: The gothic-style St. Mary Cathedral features over 20 exquisite stained glass windows created by German and Italian artisans in the early 1900s. Dramatic scenes from the life of Christ and other biblical figures fill the soaring nave and side chapels.

3. The University of Texas Tower: At the top of The University of Texas Tower, the Observation Deck showcases a stained glass triptych designed by John S. Chase. This modern creation depicts the seals of the 6 nations that governed Texas and the university.

4. The Driskill Hotel: Historic luxury hotel The Driskill displays an elegant stained-glass dome in its grand staircase. Featuring intricate floral motifs in shades of amber and jade, this dome casts a warm glow over the lobby.

5. The Blanton Museum of Art: The Blanton Museum of Art installed a stained glass wall by artist Ben Johnson in the cafe. This contemporary piece portrays stylized Texas wildflowers and landscapes in bold, vivid colors.

6. The Texas Governor’s Mansion: Above the winding staircase in the Texas Governor’s Mansion is a massive stained-glass window entitled “Spirit of Texas.” Crafted in the 1980s, it illustrates famous Texan heroes of the past in remarkable detail.

7. The First United Methodist Church: Soaring 44 feet above the altar, the great stained glass window at First United Methodist Church depicts the life of Jesus. Dating back to 1903, over 2000 pieces of antique European glass make up this impressive work of art.

8. The Chapel of the Holy Cross: Nestled in the hills above Lake Austin, the wood and stained glass Chapel of the Holy Cross provides a serene retreat. Floor-to-ceiling windows designed by Jean Charlot filter multicolored light through the tranquil chapel.

9. The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption: The Cathedral of Saint Mary glows with ornate rose windows and sculpted glass imported from Germany in the early 1900s. Scenes from the life of Mary as well as local Texas wildflowers adorn the cathedral’s soaring spaces.

10. The Saint Louis Catholic Church: Finally, the St. Louis Catholic Church displays over 20 exquisite stained glass windows from the 19th and 20th centuries. Vibrant depictions of saints and biblical events encircle the sanctuary of this historic church.

With stunning examples from different eras, Austin offers a treasure trove of magnificent stained glass for visitors to discover and admire. From towering churches to modern museums, these radiant installations enrich spaces across the city with their masterful artistry.


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