10 Breathtaking Stained Glass Installations in Colorado Springs

stained glass installations colorado springs

Colorado Springs is home to some of the most stunning stained glass windows in the state. From historic churches to modern hotels, beautiful stained glass can be found all over the city. Here are 10 of the most impressive stained glass installations in Colorado Springs:

1. The Broadmoor – This world-famous hotel contains a magnificent stained glass window in its lobby depicting the history of the hotel and the surrounding landscapes. Vibrant hues of blue, green, and red make this window truly eye-catching.

2. St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral – With its Gothic architecture, this cathedral features brilliant stained glass windows showing religious iconography and scenes. The soaring vaulted ceilings highlight the windows’ splendor.

3. Sacred Heart Parish – Intricate floral designs in deep jewel tones distinguish the stained glass at this historic church. The large arched windows allow ample natural light to filter through.

4. Holy Apostles Catholic Church – Vivid stained glass murals depicting the apostles give this church its name. Sunlight streams through the expressive faces of these floor-to-ceiling windows.

5. Payne Chapel A.M.E Church – This small church contains a modest round stained glass window above the entrance, creating a warm glowing welcome.

6. First Presbyterian Church – Here, stained glass windows showcase everything from abstract patterns to realistic nature scenes in an array of colors.

7. Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church – The stained glass here is noticeable for its use of silver accents and crisp lines. Scenes include crosses and other Christian symbols.

8. The First Congregational Church – This church combines traditional styles with modern stained glass techniques for a unique effect. Nature motifs like trees and rivers are depicted in the windows.

9. St Mary’s Cathedral – Dramatic and bold stained glass fills this cathedral. The intense colors and large scale of the windows make them true works of art.

10. Shove Memorial Chapel – Delicate floral designs give the chapel’s stained glass a gentle, inviting ambiance. Sunlight casts pastel hues around the interior.


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