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Houston Beveled Entryway Stained Glass - SGE 2

  Houston Traditional Entryway Door Stained Glass - SGH 2

  Houston Contemporary Entryway Stained Glass Door Sidelights - SGH 3

Houston Stained Glass Entryway Sidelight Panels & Transom

  Houston Entryway Stained Glass Rounded

  Houston Entryway Stained Glass Door & Sidelight

Houston Stained Glass Windows & Entryways - SGH 7

  Houston Entryway Stained Glass Doors & Sidelights - SGH 8

  Houston Entryway Stained Glass Door - SGH 9

Houston Stained Glass Bathroom Windows - SGH 10

SGH 10
  Houston Privacy Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - SGH 11

SGH 11
  Houston Bathroom Window Stained Glass - SGH 12

SGH 12
Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Panels - BSG 5

SGH 13
  Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Privacy Windows - SGH 14

SGH 14
  Bathroom Stained Glass

SGH 15
Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Partitioned Windows - SGH 16

SGH 16
  Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Beveled Window - SGH 17

SGH 17
  Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - SGH 18

SGH 18
Houston Living Room Stained Glass

SGH 19
  Houston Custom Window Well Stained Glass

SGH 20
  Houston Interior Stained Glass Panels

SGH  21
Houston Arched Stained Glass Windows

SGH 22
  Houston Window Well Stained Glass

SGH 23
  Houston Prairie Style Stained Glass Doors

SGH 24
Houston Hallway Stained Glass Entry

SGH 25
  Houston Basement Stained Glass Windows

SGH 26
  Houston Hallway Stained Glass

SGH 27
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 50

SGH 53
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 54

SGH 54
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 55

SGH 55
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 56

SGH 56
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 57

SGH 57
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 58

SGH 58
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 59

SGH 59
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 60

SGH 60
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 61

SGH 61
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 62

SGH 62
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 63

SGH 63
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 64

SGH 64
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 65

SGH 65
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 66

SGH 66
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 67

SGH 67
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 68

SGH 68
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 69

SGH 69
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 70

SGH 70
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 71

SGH 71
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 72

SGH 72
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 73

SGH 73
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 74

SGH 74
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 75

SGH 75
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 76

SGH 76
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 77

SGH 77
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 78

SGH 78
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 79

SGH 79
houston Retail Stained Glass - SGH 80

SGH 80
  houston Modern Retail Stained Glass - SGH 81

SGH 81
  houston Custom Leaded Retail Accents - SGH 82

SGH 82


Scottish Stained Glass Houston

Scottish Stained Glass has stained glass designers and installers working throughout the Houston metropolitan area. We have been servicing the Houston, Texas area with the nation’s highest quality stained and leaded glass for almost a decade now and our parent company has been in business for over 20 years. There are now beautiful examples of our stained glass and leaded glass in over 3,000 Houston homes as well as in the surrounding cities such as out west in Katy, The Woodlands and Conroe to the North, east as far as Baytown and in the south in Sugar Land, Pearland, Missouri City, League City and as far as Galveston.

Houston Stained Glass
In-Home Consultations

As we all know the architecture in our Houston metro area homes can be very diverse. It is important to have your glass match the style of your home both internally and externally. We pride ourselves on being the only stained glass company prepared to take the time to come to your home and work with you to develop custom stained or leaded glass designs that fit seamlessly into your home’s style. Our designers have the experience and expertise to listen to your needs and design something that is both functional and beautiful.

Custom Stained Glass For Homes

Bring some vibrance, luminosity, and artistry into your Houston home with custom stained glass designs. From traditional to modern styles, you can create a look that suits your personal aesthetic. You may find the process of ordering an individualized piece intimidating at first. This is why we’ve gathered many queries from our customers here in one comprehensive guide so you can commence discovering all the possibilities with assurance. Learn more now!

How Long Does Custom Stained Glass for Homes Last?

Applying custom stained glass to your Houston home is an excellent way to bring both unique elegance and longevity into the space. Well-maintained, it can be enjoyed for many decades without requiring much maintenance – only regular dusting plus the occasional fix of chips or cracks by a professional contractor. If your stained glass was built this century, then full restoration won’t even need to be considered until around 80-100 years have passed!

Where Can Custom Stained Glass Be Installed?

The radiant beauty of custom stained glass can significantly enhance a home’s aesthetic appeal. Whether it is installed on windows, cabinet doors, or free-hanging panels, this chic addition will create a stunning visual in any space. Not only that, but sunlight shining through the prismatic colors of the glass creates an especially captivating focal point while also allowing more light into your living area! With its timeless decorative elements, custom stained glass can instantly transform and liven up any room you choose to place it in.

How Much Does Custom Stained Glass Cost?

Incorporating custom stained glass art into your home adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Depending on the intricacy of the design and size of the piece, prices may vary; however, our team is proud to offer free consultations that can provide you with an accurate estimate of your project’s cost. At Scottish, we are passionate about bringing your creative ideas to life through stunning stained glass- all while working within budget!

Book at Free Custom Stained Glass Design Consultation

Are you looking to transform your Houston home with the beauty of stained glass? Look no further! We are the area’s top studio and would be delighted to have a free consultation to discuss all of our custom options. With just one click, we’ll walk you through what is available for your project, as well as provide an accurate estimation of cost and timeline from start to finish. Contact us today so that together we can create something truly beautiful!

Houston Stained Glass Design Process

Once we come into your Houston area home, we create a custom glass design that takes into account your preferences, the existing architectural features of the home, as well as any functional requirements you might desire from the windows. For example, many of our clients desire privacy but still would like to have light coming into a particular room in their home. Leaded glass is the perfect solution to achieve this. We complete a well-tested design process for your stained glass designs, showing you a rough sketch, CAD drawing, Photoshop mockup, and finally, actual glass samples to ensure that the window you want is the window you get.

Installation of Houston Stained Glass

Only once you have decided on the window design do we undertake the process of actually building it. Our master stained glass craftsman builds all of our stained glass here locally in Houston and then schedules an installation at your Houston home. Almost all our installation work is carried out free of charge anywhere in the Houston metro area. We have various installation methods depending on the circumstances, but one of the most popular choices in Houston is to seal the stained glass or leaded glass between 2 panes of tempered clear glass. This method is particularly used in bathrooms and makes it very easy to keep the windows clean. Our special section on installation explains all the choices in more detail, and our installer will visit your home prior to the manufacture of the glass to ensure you fully understand the process and options.

Moving With Your Houston Stained Glass

Many Houston homeowners love their custom stained glass pieces so much that they want to take them to their new home. We can definitely assist you with that! Simply call to schedule an appointment and we’d be more than happy to remove your stained glass and complete a re-installation in your new home. We serve several Texas communities and regions as well as other states, so we are more than likely available for re-installation services even if you’re moving outside of Houston.

Stained Glass Services for Your Houston Home

Scottish Stained Glass offers a wide variety of stained glass services for Houston homeowners. We custom design and manufacture all different types and styles of stained glass and have a team of qualified professionals who can securely install the completed panel in your home. Stained glass makes a beautiful addition to both remodels and newly constructed homes and offers many enjoyable benefits included added privacy, beauty, and a higher home resale value.

Try adding a colorful stained glass window to create a unique, contemporary look in your kitchen or opt for a traditional design to create a high end look for the front entrance of your home. Whatever your style or preference, our team is here to help make your dream home come true. Our stained glass services include but are not limited to:

Stained Glass Doors
Sidelight Stained Glass
Bathroom Stained Glass
Bedroom Stained Glass
Kitchen, Cabinet, & Pantry Stained Glass
Transom Stained Glass
Basement Stained Glass

Houston Religious Stained Glass

For 30 years, Scottish Stained Glass has been Houston’s leading source for religious stained glass windows and art. Stained glass has played a prominent role in establishing the identity of churches, cathedrals, and religious buildings across the world for centuries. By adding one or more of the following stained glass features, you can bring joy and beauty to the members of your congregation:

  • Stained glass accents for your altar
  • Stained glass ceiling/dome
  • Ecclesial stained glass windows
  • Painted biblical scenes & portraits
  • Stained glass signs & lamps

Houston Stained Glass Repair and Restoration

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to provide premium stained glass repair and restoration services for the Houston area. From small surface scratches to severely damaged windows, we can assist you with projects of any size. Our acclaimed restoration process has been very popular among religious stained glass pieces housed in the many churches, chapels, and cathedrals located throughout Houston. As many of these stained glass pieces reach the age of irreversible deterioration, it’s vital to consider the restoration process so that generations to come can remain inspired by these powerful pieces.

Houston Religious Stained Glass Restoration Fundraising

We understand that restoring your treasured religious stained glass may seem out-of-budget for your Houston church. We’ve helped many communities and houses of worship throughout the nation with fundraising. We’re always happy to help you brainstorm fundraising ideas and help put together a committee from your congregation. We’ve successfully completed dozens of restoration projects that were 100% funded by local fundraising efforts so we’re confident we can help your community save your stained glass! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your fundraising ideas or inquiries.

The Scottish Stained Glass Process For Houston Homes

If you think of stained glass as something very old and traditional you are only partially correct. While it is very old artform (over a century) it has also changed over the years to involve much modern design and building techniques.  Modern stained glass is now more than ever, intricate, abstract and durable and requires a host of new methods to create it. Which is why, we at Scottish Stained Glass, have evolved our skills over time to include both traditional and modern techniques.  In fact, our stained glass process is an entirely different level than most companies. It is unique and, more importantly, effective in form and function. It has taken decades for us to perfect and is, accordingly, something we are very proud of. But how exactly are we different and thereby better?  Read below to find out the keys to our success.

We Use Modern And Traditional Techniques

Our methods here at  Scottish Stained Glass in Houston have changed with the science of stained glass to include a combination of traditional methods and modern techniques. Here in our studio at Scottish Stained Glass, we use new materials alongside new design methods; implementing both Photoshop and CAD technologies to ensure that our glass designs are 100%  precise before we begin manufacturing it. In fact, when all is said and done, our designs are reviewed an amazing 8-10 times (including a final client review) before the final product is realized. Our stained glass designs are further enhanced by:

  • The use of dark leads
  • Hidden solder joints
  • Precise soldering temperatures
  • A unique polishing process
  • A combination of computer-enhanced designing and freehand designing

The final results are amazing and speak for themselves with every pristine piece of stained glass artwork that comes out of our studio.

Our Standards Of Quality Are Higher

Sadly, today’s stained glass is often of poor quality.  They say “the devil is in the details” and with stained glass that is even truer.  When one takes the time to examine most modern stained glass in detail, the leading and joints are often different colors, the horizontal and vertical lines may not match-up and the design proportions/color choices are simply not thought out.  This is mostly because most stained glass artisans do not utilize the power of digital tools to double check their work before manufacturing. Not at Scottish though! We use both traditional hand-drawn designs and computer-aided drafting technology to complete our work in an incredibly precise manner.   This makes it beautiful from afar and nearly perfect even very close up.

Our Customer Experience Is Impeccable

We use the term “The Scottish Difference” to describe our exceptional customer service.  While this term does pertain to the final stained glass artwork we create, it also refers to the way we get there.  Meaning, we care as much about you, our customer, as we do about the lovely stained glass we craft. With Scottish Stained Glass here in Houston, we are as attentive to customer service as we are obsessed with our perfect designs.  You will find us professional and responsive throughout the entire process. From your first consultation, until the last installer leaves your home, your dealings with us will be as wonderful as the work of stained glass art we created for your Houston home.

Our Stained Glass Is Built To Last

After 20 years, 12,000 customers, and over 40,000 stained glass windows, one thing that we are great at here at Scottish Stained Glass in Houston is durable stained glass.  We have spent decades of countless hours perfecting our process. This includes stained glass sealed inside external windows to add energy efficiency and also to extend the life of your window.  This technique, in which we sandwich the window between two other panes of glass, protects your masterpiece protection from condensation as well as accidental breakage. Also, our modern lead additives extend the life of your caming from 100 years to an incredible 200 years.  So, the stained glass on your Houston home will in all likelihood outlive you–pretty amazing right?! This attention to durability and detail means Scottish Stained Glass will take longer to create– about twice as other studios across the country. And, our stained glass also costs a little bit more. But with our stained glass, like any quality product, you truly do pay for what you get. Happily, the extra cost you incur when hiring a master stained glass studio means getting the most innovative designs, impeccable customer service, and the highest quality craftsmanship money can buy.

Contact us today to experience the Scottish Stained Glass difference first hand on a piece for your Houston home.

Commercial Applications for Stained Glass

Stand out from the crowd, create a high end look for your store, and impress your customers with a stained glass panel or insert for your commercial property. Stained glass signs, hanging panels, and family crests are a great way to create a vintage, elegant look in a hotel, restaurant, or retail store. Stained glass provides a great, unique medium for heightened brand visibility, advertising, and interior decor. Scottish Stained Glass frequently partners with Houston business owners on commercial projects involving:

  • Custom stained glass signs
  • Restaurant stained glass
  • Retail stained glass

Whether you need custom stained glass panels designed, replaced, or repaired, contact Scottish Stained Glass or gives us a call today to see what we can do for you. 713.827.8908

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