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Church Stained Glass Colorado Springs

The most famous stained glass in Colorado Springs is probably the windows installed at the United States Air Force Academy chapel.

Colorado Springs Beveled Entryway Stained Glass - CSSG 2

Colorado Springs Traditional Entryway Door Stained Glass - SGE 3

Colorado Springs Contemporary Entryway Stained Glass Door Sidelights - CSSG 4

Colorado Springs Stained Glass Entryway Sidelight Panels & Transom - CSSG 5

Colorado Springs Entryway Stained Glass Rounded

Colorado Springs Entryway Stained Glass Door & Sidelight

Colorado Springs Stained Glass Windows & Entryways - CSSG 8

Colorado Spring Entryway Stained Glass Doors & Sidelights - CSSG 9

Colorado Springs Entryway Stained Glass Door - CSSG 10

Colorado Springs Stained Glass Bathroom Windows - CSSG 11

Colorado Springs Privacy Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - CSSG 12

Colorado Springs Bathroom Window Stained Glass - CSSG 13

Colorado Springs Bathroom Stained Glass Panels - CSSG 14

Bathroom Stained Glass Privacy Windows - BSG 6

Bathroom Stained Glass

CSSG  16
Colorado Springs Bathroom Stained Glass Partitioned Windows - CSSG 17

Bathroom Stained Glass Beveled Window - BSG 9

Colorado Springs Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - CSSG 19

Colorado Springs Living Room Stained Glass

Colorado Springs Custom Window Well Stained Glass

Colorado Springs Interior Stained Glass Panels

Colorado Springs Arched Stained Glass Windows

Colorado Springs Window Well Stained Glass

Colorado Springs Prairie Style Stained Glass Doors

Colorado Springs Hallway Stained Glass Entry

Colorado Springs Basement Stained Glass Windows

Colorado Springs Hallway Stained Glass


Scottish Stained Glass Provides Colorado Springs with the Finest Stained Glass Available Anywhere in Colorado

Colorado Springs has a significant amount of stained glass that people often don’t even take the time to consider.  Not only is there significant amounts of world famous stained glass in the Air Force Academy Chapel but the cities many churches also have beautiful stained glass installations.

Residential Stained Glass

The newer Colorado Springs neighborhoods are also ideal for many of our stained glass installations. Many of these homes have sidelights next to their entryway doors, transoms over the entryway, in the living room and bedroom windows, or large bathroom windows over the bathtub. In each of these windows, as well as certain odd shaped windows, kitchen cabinets, interior doors, Scottish Stained Glass makes an ideal addition to your home.

Privacy Stained Glass for Your Colorado Springs Home

For those searching for a functional privacy solution that actually improves curb appeal and property value, look no further! Privacy stained glass provides the solution Colorado Springs homes have been looking for. Leaded glass promotes an elegant, timeless look while obscuring outside views into your home.

Another wonderful benefit of privacy stained glass is that it allows in all the beautiful Colorado sunlight that can really make your home seem inviting and open. Other privacy options often take away from your home’s decor and block visible light transmissions. Our custom stained glass services allow you to create gorgeous features that tie into whatever theme or design your home already has. Privacy stained glass is perfect for basements, bathrooms, home offices, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, entryways, hallways, and whatever room needs seclusion. Your family can enjoy your Colorado Springs home knowing that all views in are completely obstructed.

Entryways & Sidelights

Nothing makes a statement like entryway stained glass. Your Colorado Springs home will really shine with a lovely leaded glass addition to your front door, sidelights, or entryway. Just imagine pulling up into your driveway after a long day of work and seeing the magnificent sight of stained glass shining from your front porch! Whether you live in a Victorian bungalow, modern craftsman style townhome, or a charming ranch property in the outskirts of Colorado Springs, our designers will help you craft the perfect design to compliment your home’s architectural style.

Bathroom Windows & Custom Features

Stained glass makes an excellent choice for privacy windows for your bathroom. The texture of the glass discreetly conceals the inner-workings of your bathroom without diminishing the amount of sunlight coming in through the window. In fact, most homeowners find that they are pleasantly surprised by the way that bevel clusters and textured pieces soften and diffuse light, casting a warm glow over porcelain fixtures and metal faucets. Whatever your vision is, we will work hard to bring it to life. Scottish Stained Glass can create beautiful bathroom stained glass panels that can be inserted into window openings, cabinet doors, shower enclosures, and more.

Kitchen Windows, Cabinets & Pantries

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It deserves a special look of its own that not only increases its functionality, but also creates an inviting space for entertaining guests. When you add Scottish Stained Glass to your kitchen, you will see an incredible difference in the overall ambiance of your space. Our leaded and beveled glass inserts instantly elevate any space and are perfect for creating a sophisticated atmosphere for your parties and family dinners.

Moving with Your Scottish Stained Glass

Colorado Springs residents who are moving can rest assured knowing that they can bring their stained glass with them. Even though our custom stained glass pieces can improve the resale value, many of our clients would rather bring their pieces to their new homes. Scottish Stained Glass is happy to remove your stained glass and transport it for re-installation. We serve cities all across Colorado as well as cities in different states– just call to see if we are available in your new home city!

Commercial Stained Glass

Stained glass installations for restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, and even business interiors can be a compelling addition to enhance the perception of space. Adding authenticity and the beauty of custom designed art glass to your Colorado Springs can make a big impact on how the public perceives your company.

Religious Stained Glass

Famous for its many churches, Scottish Stained Glass has worked to install, repair, and restore religious stained glass at a number of the institutional buildings across Colorado Springs. Whether we are helping you create meaningful designs for your new building, or merely helping you repair a few broken pieces of glass, Scottish Stained Glass is here to serve the stained glass needs of all of the Colorado Springs’ religious institutions.

Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

Because stained glass can last for hundreds of years, restoration is a necessary form of maintenance that is usually required at some point in the lifetime of the windows. This is especially true for antique and aging stained glass windows that have begun to show signs of deterioration. Typically, deterioration usually happens when the leading that holds the individual pieces of glass together becomes weakened or damaged as a result of exposure to heat, moisture, or humidity. This, in turn, puts pressure on the glass and causes it to warp or crack.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we are experts in stained glass restoration. We’ve repaired and restored dozens of stained glass windows in the Colorado Springs area belonging to churches, homeowners, and historic buildings. By using certain techniques and methods that we’ve developed in house, we are usually able to preserve most of the original glass during restorations and restore the windows to their original beauty and clarity. If you’re interested in learning more about our stained glass remodeling, repair, or restoration services, please contact our office.

Religious Stained Glass Restoration

Colorado Springs is home to some of the nation’s most beautiful religious stained glass pieces. Many congregations and communities treasure their religious stained glass due to its powerful symbolism and nature. These stained glass features are often such important parts of the worshipping process, making it vital to consider restoration. Restoration begins with an on-site consultation in order to determine causes of deterioration, project timeline and estimate, as well as goals and challenges. Restoring your religious stained glass can guarantee that generations to come will continue to be inspired for another century.

Retail Stained Glass

Stained glass is often thought of, first and foremost, as a way for churches, mosques, and synagogues to adorn their sanctuaries, chapels, and temples.  Next most popular is likely stained glass as a decorative element for homes here in Colorado Springs and across the country.  However, there is a  growing trend emerging in which stained glass is being used as a decorative vessel in high-end retail construction projects.  More and more this type of application is proving that stained glass is not just for older or religious buildings–but fit for the modern world of commerce: as a branding tool, as a privacy solution and especially as an amazing design element.   Colorado Springs retail spaces that outfit their location(s) with stained glass truly stand out from everyone else–because these type of installations are stunning and will most assuredly be remembered.  Furthermore, stained glass in Colorado Springs retail spaces gives a location an undeniable high-end feel, which is a great way to attract affluent patrons.  Lastly, stained glass used as a decorative element in stores in highly trafficked areas not only gives shoppers the attractive design they love–but the functionality they need.  This is because stained glass allows for full or partial privacy on oftentimes copious display windows on a storefront. More than just an added bonus, stained glass windows are a necessity in today’s crowded retail world.  With stained glass on your Colorado Springs commercial location your patrons are able to shop peacefully at your lovely location, free from curious, outside glances but in no way closed off from the ambiance of the hustle and bustle around them.

Benefits of Stained Glass for Colorado Springs

While stained glass is certainly a beautiful form of art, what many people don’t realize is that it has many practical uses too. For one, stained glass is a great way to add privacy to certain areas of your home where you need it, such as your bathroom or entryway. This is especially true for homes in Colorado Springs that often feature large street-facing windows or are constructed closely together making the need for additional privacy from neighbors a common concern. By replacing ordinary windows with stained glass, you can prevent outsiders from seeing into your home without blocking out the natural light. Making this simple change to your architecture can also provide a bonus benefit too by increasing your home’s resale value.

Company History

Scottish Stained Glass has produced more than 40,000 windows for more than 12,000 customers across Colorado over the past 30 years. Our stained glass designs range from contemporary to traditional. When working with our stained glass designs, we work with specific elements of your home or business to create something that is unique to your building. We can also look to photos, art, or existing glass installations to create our custom stained glass designs. While many stained glass studios tend to work on only a handful of stained glass styles, Scottish has created nearly every to of stained and leaded glass design imaginable. We have completed stained glass designs in the Prairie Style (also known as Mission style), Celtic Styles, Victorian Styles, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Art Deco, Greene & Greene, Art Nouveau, Floral, Antique and much, much more.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

We offer free in-home and on-site consultations for all our Colorado Springs clients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation– we look forward to working with you!

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