The Top 10 Stained Glass Installations in Dallas

stained glass installations dallas

Dallas has some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in Texas. The intricate artistry and vibrant colors make these installations a must-see. Here are the top 10 stained glass installations in Dallas:

  1. Chapel of Thanksgiving – This chapel located in Thanks-Giving Square contains stunning abstract stained glass designed by Gabriel Loire. The pieces evoke a feeling of serenity.
  2. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart – With over 70 stained glass windows, this cathedral has an unparalleled collection. The pieces depict saints, angels, and bible stories in exquisite detail.
  3. St. Mary’s Catholic Church – This cathedral features round stained glass windows in deep blues and reds that cast a warm glow inside.
  4. First United Methodist Church – The stained glass here features geometric patterns and shapes in vivid jewel tones. It’s an unexpected but beautiful design.
  5. Rosenberg Library – As the oldest operating library in Texas, the stained glass here is noteworthy. 
  6. Kalachandji’s Restaurant and Temple – This temple hosts beautiful stained glass windows.
  7. Beth-El Congregation Synagogue – The windows here recount Jewish history.
  8. Church of the Incarnation – Dramatic arched windows line the nave of this church. Bold colors like red and blue create an impressive sight.
  9. Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe – The famous Rose Window here is an intricate work of art over 28 feet wide.
  10. Christ Church – The stained glass windows here portray biblical figures and scenes.

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