3 Reasons You Should Add Visiting Sainte-Chapelle to Your Paris Bucket List

For those stained glass enthusiasts who are fortunate enough to have a Paris visit coming up, there are so many gorgeous stained glass collections that can be found throughout this historical city. Stained glass is such a unique medium that can be housed in houses of worship and other historic properties. With so much to see in Paris and the surrounding areas, it’s important to plan your visit and prioritize the sites that are on your bucket list. Saint-Chapelle is one of our favorite stained glass collections– we believe that any stained glass enthusiast should prioritize this for any future visit.

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Benefits of Visiting Sainte-Chapelle’s Renowned Stained Glass

Saint-Chapelle, located in the heart of Paris, features 1,113 stained glass windows that showcase the unique Rayonnant Gothic period. Arranged throughout 15 windows that are each about 50 feet in height, the stained glass original to this church depicts 1,113 scenes from the Old and New Testaments. These historical pieces each have a stunning, intricate design with bold colors. In addition to these tall arching stained glass windows is a spectacular kaleidoscope of vibrant stained glass featured within the main sanctuary. It is truly overwhelming standing inside this impressive work of art. With the majority of the structure encased with stained glass, it almost makes you wonder just how it’s capable of being structurally sound.

Taking Inspiration from Sainte-Chapelle for Your Fort Worth Church

Sainte-Chapelle has become one of the largest tourist attractions in France, especially for stained glass enthusiasts. Their one-of-a-kind stained glass collection has even made it possible for them to charge for tickets for visitors to explore their stained glass. Fort Worth churches can take note from these pieces of art and create their own custom religious stained glass pieces with a little inspiration.

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