When It Is Time To Restore The Stained Glass Windows In Your Historic Ada Church

Historic Stained Glass Church Restoration In Ada

It is becoming more and more common that stained glass windows on churches these days are historic relics. Since many are now antiques, the value of these windows is not simply measured in monetary value but the sentimental value and historical value too.  This is why, even if your church windows are not valued at a large amount of money, they still are likely to have a fair amount of historical significance and probably a place in the hearts of your parishioners as well. This is why keeping up with the maintenance of your Ada church’s stained glass windows is always a good idea for your church, should you want to please your congregation and preserve a piece of history.  However, did you know– the glass of your church’s stained glass windows is actually very durable and the part you really need to keep an eye on is actually the supporting frame and caming structures? That’s right–this is where we see the most failures and irreparable damage. Read below to find out a little bit on the maintenance needed on structural supports

Maintenance Of Stained Glass Frames On Your Ada Church

The maintenance on the frame and leading of stained glass is needed to prevent more serious problems like total failure and loss of the valuable stained glass panels in the windows.  The frame is the most critical part of any stained glass window to keep maintained regardless of what it is made out of. Sometimes this simply means regular painting and caulking, and an occasional replacement of the glazing compound.   Any competent church handyman can keep wood frames and masonry frames painted and caulked to prevent moisture from corroding the steel armature and anchors that may be within. However, any repair work should be done by a professional like Scottish Stained Glass.  Read below to find out when you should call one.

When It Is Time To Get Professional Maintenance On Your Ada Church Stained Glass Frames

If your Ada church’s stained glass windows are leaking water, are draughty, or even rattle this could indicate that the waterproofing cement (“waterproofing”) and sealants have deteriorated.  This is when professional maintenance or restoration is needed. The process involves glazing and sealants (e.g., putties, caulks) used to seal the leaded panel and any open joints around the window frame.  But, since leaded glass cannot be correctly waterproofed in place, you will need to call in a professional, like Scottish Stained Glass to remove the affected windows and do the needed maintenance on the surrounding windows to secure and reinforce.  We will also thoroughly clean your windows and you will probably be shocked at how vibrant they look after this is done. Keep in mind that, doing frame and came maintenance early is much less expensive than waiting for the leading to fall apart and then need to be re-leaded.  The releading process is timely and costly–so it is better avoided with prevention. So, if there is any question in your mind, it is best to have a stained glass window inspection on your Florrisant church and act quickly and fully on the needed repairs.


At Scottish Stained Glass, we are the experts in stained glass window repairs and restorations across the United States.  We have offices from coast to coast and would be happy to consult with your on your historic church stained glass. For more information or to get pricing on much-needed repairs to your antique church glass, contact us today!

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