Antique Residential Colorado Springs Glass Restoration

Have you noticed that your home’s stained glass windows are looking a little sad? Signs of deterioration can include warped appearance, missing glass, cracked glass, broken glass, softened lead, disintegrating lead, white film on the glass, and much more. If your home’s stained glass windows are displaying one or more of these telltale signs, it’s a strong indicator that your stained glass requires restoration. In order to ensure future generations can enjoy your treasured, antique stained glass, it is crucial to find a proper restoration studio.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process for Colorado Springs Homes

If you believe your antique stained glass is ready for restoration or would like a second opinion, we’re here to help. Our in-home assessment provides all the information you’ll need regarding restoration. This includes an appraisal of your stained glass, cost-benefit analysis, underlying causes of deterioration and damage, project timeline, and project estimate. Once you decide to proceed with your residential restoration project, our team will remove your stained glass from your home and transport it back to our studio. We’ll soak your antique stained glass in a proprietary bath to remove any of the build-up from the past century. We’ll restore all damaged glass pieces and craft a new lead came for your stained glass. If your window has painted glass, we’ll have our artists replicate it. Once fully restored, we set it with black cement, polish it, and have it re-installed.

Work with Colorado Springs’ Stained Glass Restoration Specialists

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the stained glass restoration specialists serving the Colorado Springs area. We’ve completed numerous residential, commercial, and religious stained glass restorations for pieces from all time periods. Work with the nation’s restoration leaders for your beloved stained glass.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration, please contact us!

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