Austin Religious Stained Glass Repair: Where to Begin?

austin religious stained glass repair

For many churches, stained glass conservation is an important topic. Preserving stained glass allows future generations to enjoy it. Aged stained glass windows can also be very valuable to a church for monetary reasons, especially if the windows are old enough to be antique. That’s why many churches opt to have their stained glass restored instead of replacing it when it starts to deteriorate or becomes damaged. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits for Austin religious stained repair and the restoration process.

Causes of Stained Glass Deterioration

Stained glass deterioration can be caused by a number of reasons. However, most often, the issue is not with the glass itself, but rather a worsened condition of the leading. Warped leading is usually the result of exposure to the elements, but design flaws can also be responsible. It is common too, for deterioration to be caused by a combination of these two factors.

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Lead loses its shape when it’s exposed to heat and sunlight. It heats up, becomes soft and falls out of shape, and then contracts again when it cools. After doing this a number of times, the lead can becomes seriously deformed, which puts pressure on the glass pieces, causing them to crack, break, and even sometimes fall out. Many times, too, artists of the old days would place plexiglass over stained glass to protect it. But this actually causes more damage since its causes heat to build up between the stained glass and plexiglass.

What to Expect for Stained Glass Restoration

If your Austin church opts for religious stained glass repair, then your stained glass will need to be inspected by a professional glass company. This is usually done through the process of an onsite consultation. Inspecting the glass in person allows the repair company to evaluate its condition and gain an understanding of the work that will have to be conducted for the restoration.

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Most stained glass repairs are completed in house, though sometimes a restoration may be carried out on site. During an in house repair, the stained glass is removed and brought to the studio’s workshop. There, it is cleaned, disassembled, repaired, and put back together. Costs for this process vary depending on the condition of the glass and the difficulty of the repairs.

Contact Austin’s Stained Glass Experts for Religious Stained Glass Repair

Does your Austin church have a religious stained glass window that needs repairs? Give the experts at Scottish Stained Glass a call to schedule a consultation! We’ll provide a free inspection of your stained glass and can even provide you with a quote for your project at no obligation whatsoever. Call now to book your appointment!

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