Beautiful Examples of Church Glass for Your Columbus Church

For centuries churches have been utilizing stained glass as a staple in decor, art, and showcasing important values for their congregations and communities. This trend is still prevalent throughout Columbus churches, allowing worshippers to incorporate these pieces of art into their services and lives. Custom religious stained glass can be added at any time and offer a multitude of benefits that can’t be found with any other medium.

Benefits of Custom Religious Stained Glass for Columbus Churches

Custom religious stained glass enables countless benefits for your Columbus church. By investing in custom stained glass, your church can feature the most important values, favorite biblical quotes, and more to your community. Religious stained glass is often embraced by congregations and become a vital part of the worshipping process. Congregation members associate these beautiful pieces of art with historical value, personal perceptions of inspiration, and as something to share with their loved ones. Stained glass can have such powerful imagery and symbolism that’s personalized and hand-tailored to your church, bonding your community and adding consistency to your services. Our custom stained glass studio is able to execute anything your church would like to display– from hand-painted portraits of significant biblical figures to contemporary leaded designs. Stained glass can also provide the privacy your congregation deserves during service without obstructing natural light.

Design Process for Custom Religious Stained Glass in Columbus Churches

Scottish Stained Glass is the leading custom stained glass studio serving Columbus churches. We begin the design process with a consultation to better understand your project requirements, goals, and challenges. One of our stained glass artisans then hand-sketches all of your ideas, bringing your designs to life. Our clients always review their design at least eight to ten times prior to assembly.

For more information regarding custom religious stained glass for your Columbus church, please contact us!

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