Best Stained Glass Churches: The Ultimate Bucket List for Stained Glass Lovers

Beautiful Stained Glass Churches

Stained glass windows in churches all over the world have been capturing our attention for centuries. If you are a true stained glass lover, you are probably aware of the following churches that are renowned for their stained glass masterpieces. However, if you haven’t been to the following churches and cathedrals, start making your travel plans now.

Here are three of the best churches for stained glass that should be on every stained glass lover’s bucket list!

Religious Stained Glass Restoration Guide



Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland, is a large, Gothic Revival-style church built in 1870. The church features 11 Tiffany windows, in addition to several others. One of the famed stained glass windows created by Louis Comfort Tiffany is The Annunciation to the Shepherds. Tiffany used methods that had never been used before, like blending colors while the glass was still molten, producing a milky or opalescent effect. These stained glass windows must be seen in person to be truly appreciated.


There are many beautiful churches and cathedrals in Paris, but the Sainte-Chapelle, on Paris’s central Ile de la Cité, is a must-see for stained glass lovers. Sainte-Chapelle houses 15 tall stained glass windows which depict tales from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. For the patrons of the Middle Ages, this was their only method of learning the Holy Scriptures.

Augsburg Cathedral is another church that should be on every stained glass lover’s bucket list. This Romanesque Church in Augsburg, Germany, in the heart of Bavaria, boasts stained glass portraits of Moses, Daniel and other Biblical figures that have withstood the test of time.

Church Stained Glass Design and Restoration In San Antonio

Church stained glass can be seen all over the world, and even in our city of San Antonio. At Scottish Stained Glass, we can take care of all your San Antonio stained glass needs. San Antonio is a vibrant city rich in art, history and culture and, as much as the architecture unique to San Antonio, the church stained glass is part of the city. Scottish Stained Glass has been restoring church stained glass in San Antonio for years, as well as helping San Antonio homeowners create one-of-a-kind stained glass masterpieces in their homes. Contact us to help you with your church stained glass.


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