The 3 Top Reasons San Antonio Temples And Churches Should Have Custom Stained Glass Installed

We talk a lot about stained glass restoration here at Scottish Stained Glass because it is such a relevant topic for almost any church over the age of about 80 years that has stained glass windows.  However, we also do a ton of custom stained glass for residential and religious clients looking to enhance their home or church aesthetics. The reasons churches come to us for custom stained glass vary but below we have listed a few reasons our religious clients have found themselves.

Custom Church Stained Glass For A More Beautiful San Antonio House Of Worship

One of the most obvious benefits/reason for custom stained glass for churches is–it is simply gorgeous.  The stunning colors and divine themes combined with the glow of the San Antonio sun through these windows add an ethereal touch to any house of God. It is an enhancement that simply makes sense to elevate the religious experience in a church, chapel or synagogue.

Custom Church Stained Glass As A Gift Or Memorial To Your San Antonio Church

Custom stained glass is a great way to pay tribute to a member of a church that has passed by the family of friends.  It is also perfect for living members who want to give the amazing gift of lasting stained glass, full of life and luster, that will honor their generosity for years to come.  Since stained glass is so very customizable, these types of donations are easily able to be a reflection of the donor’s life and legacy in the church.

Custom Church Stained Glass To Leave The Next Generation Of San Antonio Parishioners

If your church already has stained glass windows, you probably already realize what a gift it was from the former generation of parishioners.  Likewise, by having new, custom stained glass installed you are giving the next generation the gift of history–something that is incredibly valuable and only possible through the aging of the stained glass.  Our custom stained glass is of the highest quality and will likely last 150-200 years before needing serious restoration!

For more information and a quote on custom stained glass for your San Antonio church, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass in San Antonio, today!

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