Creative Ways Stained Glass Adds Privacy for Salt Lake City Homes Without Sacrificing Light

Are you looking for a privacy solution for your Salt Lake City home that doesn’t sacrifice natural light? Finding the right window coverings can be difficult and often look tacky when you’re seeking a privacy solution. Fortunately, stained glass delivers a beautiful alternative answer for both privacy and aesthetics. Stained glass offers a multitude of design options while shielding unwanted views from onlookers and neighbors.

Privacy Stained Glass Options for Your Salt Lake City Home

There are many areas in your Salt Lake City home that requires privacy. From bathrooms to bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, hallways, entryways, basements, and more, there a lot of areas that homeowners would feel more comfortable in knowing there’s nothing viewable to the outside. Leaded glass, or clear stained glass, is always a classic, elegant look perfect for Salt Lake City homes. With beautiful bevels and intricate glass work, leaded glass offers the most visible natural light transmission. Colorful stained glass also offers a privacy option for those seeking a different aesthetic. Colorful stained glass still offers natural light transmission but not as much as leaded glass. Whether you’re looking for a more affordable, pre-made option or a custom made curated piece, Scottish Stained Glass has you covered.

Privacy Stained Glass Installation Process

When choosing to install privacy stained glass into your Salt Lake City home, you can choose to either utilize an existing window or to have a custom built window depending on placement and building structure. Stained glass can be installed and placed with existing windows, replace existing windows, or have custom framework created and built specially for your new stained glass panels. Our top-of-the-line graphic design software allows us to create finalized 3D images of your home with potential stained glass, allowing you to make the most educated decision regarding your investment.

For more information regarding privacy stained glass for your Salt Lake City home, contact us or give us a call: (801) 895-4383

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