Exploring Beautiful Stained Glass Churches in Singapore

Singapore is a very unique country that was recently established. As one of the most competitive, business commerce that features a global hub for various industries, Singapore is one-of-a-kind. Another unique feature of Singapore is its beautiful church stained glass windows. Unlike many other churches found around the world that can house original stained glass dating back to the 14th century, the stained glass found throughout the churches in Singapore are modern. There are even 21 notable Singapore churches that feature gorgeous, contemporary religious stained glass.

Gorgeous Religious Stained Glass Examples Throughout Singapore Churches

The Church of Saint Francis Xavier features beautifully unique stained glass windows. Built in 1959, the modern portrayal of biblical scenes paired with contemporary scenic stained glass windows creates such a stunning service for anyone who’s lucky enough to experience it. The Saint Joseph’s Church houses a Neo-Gothic style with gorgeous lancet arches and one of the largest stained glass collections found in Singapore. With clear, leaded glass windows that have pops of color and biblical figures as the focal point, these stained glass windows are a definite must-see. Built in 1888, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes is one of the oldest churches found within Singapore. A unique eight-petalled rose window and beautiful stained glass windows custom built from France are all housed within this historical church.

Taking Inspiration from Singapore Churches for Your Colorado Springs Custom Stained Glass

The religious stained glass found within Singapore churches features unique, modern usage of stained glass. These beautiful, artsy pieces can provide any Colorado Springs resident with inspiration for their own custom stained glass piece. Scottish Stained Glass is happy to help you create the custom stained glass window of your dreams! Custom stained glass is a great investment for any Colorado Springs church, home, or business.

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