How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Projects in Fort Worth

Do you have a home here in the Fort Worth area that has stained glass that you think may be deteriorating and needs to restored? Chances are if it was built in the early to the mid-twentieth century than you do.   

  1. Some signs your stained glass needs repair include:
  2. Dirty or dingy looking glass
  3. Chipped or cracked glass
  4. A saggy appearance to the window
  5. Bent or broken lead pieces
  6. Visible light through gaps in the panels

If these sound or look familiar, it means a restoration for your Fort Worth home’s stained glass is needed.  But, what happens next? Well, happily the hard part of home stained glass restoration is done by us, the restoration experts.  For you, the next few steps are typically an easy affair and starts with few to-dos on your part before you hire a stained glass professional. 

Steps To Begin A Home Stained Glass Restoration

Step 1:  Come up with a loose budget

Of course, it is hard to know exactly how much you will spend on a stained glass restoration for your home.  But it is a good idea to get a number in mind about how much you would like or are able to spend. Realize you may need to be flexible on this to succeed.  Remember, a stained glass window adds a lot of resale value and/or could be a valuable antique. So while you may spend a bit more on the front-end–the value it adds to your home often makes it well worth it.  

Step 2:  Do your research

When it comes to restoring your Fort Worth homes stained glass– doing your research is a sure fire way to succeed.  So, you should not only try to find out as much about the origins of your vintage pieces but also a lot on who will fix it.  Hiring an experienced professional is the best thing you can do to make sure your stained glass window has a long life moving forward.  Websites like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Yelp are all full of info and contractor information.

Step 3:  Get bids from more than one contractor

It is always a good idea to shop for contractors when you get any home improvement done, much less stained glass restoration.   Here in Fort Worth, there are a number of studios and companies. But remember, cheaper is rarely best. As a premium priced restoration expert,  we know and would be happy to explain how much more we offer in terms of value. In the long run, we offer our clients a better product and a guaranteed century more of stained glass life

For more information on stained glass restoration for your Fort Worth home or to have us come out and get you started on an assessment and bid, contact us today!


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