How Is Painted Glass Restored?

Stained glass restoration is an extensive, complex process that can be quite labor-intensive. When it comes to restoring the painted glass features in your church, business, or home, property owners may be curious as to how this is actually completed. Painted glass restoration requires significant training and experience, making it crucial for you to pick the right studio for your restoration project. When completing the painted glass restoration process, the restoration studio should prioritize the original artist’s intent and focus on proper preservation.

The Painted Glass Restoration Process for Denver Properties

Painted glass restoration begins with thorough research. The restoration artist will conduct research regarding the time period in order to learn more about technique and brush stroke. This restoration artist will also study the painted glass to ensure they’re able to follow all the proper techniques. Once the stained glass has been soaked for up two weeks and dissembled carefully. Each of the painted glass pieces that need restoration will be cataloged and restored to preserve as much of the original as possible. A large piece of this process is color matching. The restoration artist will patiently mix colors and glass options to achieve the perfect color match. If more of the original is capable of saving, the artist may add extra lead lines or use other techniques to keep as much of the original as possible. Everything is replicated down to the brushstroke. The glass has to be fired carefully between layers and can take a substantial amount of time.

Work with Denver’s Leading Painted Glass Restoration Artists

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the leading painted glass restoration artists serving the Denver area. We’re humbled to have the nation’s best artists that are dedicated to the proper preservation of art. For more information regarding painted glass restoration, please contact us!

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