How Long to Wait Before Beginning Stained Glass Restoration Process in Salt Lake City

Stained Glass Restoration In Salt Lake City

Having the stained glass on your Salt Lake City church repaired is not something most congregations look forward to doing, primarily because of the expense.  However, it is something that, once finished, every congregation we have dealt with has been overwhelmingly pleased they did. Beyond the new look of their restored stained glass windows, is the fact that they know their hard work, giving of time and money and efforts mean these amazing works of art will last another 5 generations. So, how long should your church wait before getting your church’s stained glass restored?  Well, if your glass is over 80 years old, the answer is not very long.

Minor Repairs To  Broken Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

Small repairs like chipped glass or cleanings are not pressing but actually an easy fix if done sooner rather than later. We can tell you if we need to do small repairs with simple drop-in work– which entails cutting the came flange around the broken piece of glass at the solder joints then folding it back together. We can also inspect your window at that time to see if you need a larger restoration.

Repairing Cracks In Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

For very badly cracked stained glass–the time for restoration is close at hand and replacing these pieces is really your only choice.  In these cases, we usually will remove and restore the window and the glass. We can do spot fixes on some smaller cracks but it is important to note: cracks in stained glass will enlarge over time as the edges grind against one another.  Also, cracks are usually a symptom of structural damage–which means you window may no longer be stable.

Repairing Structural Damage To Stained Glass

If you have a failing structure on the stained glass of your Salt Lake City church, it is not only time to have it restored–but past time.  This is because the structural supports like leading, frames and steel beams are critical to the window not collapsing. You simply cannot wait if you see bowing, sagging or prolific leading loss.  It is best to call a professional like us at Scottish and come up with a fundraising plan of attack to get those windows secured asap.

For more information on a restoration for the stained glass windows in your Salt Lake City church, synagogue or mosque, contact Scottish Stained Glass to schedule an inspection today!

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