How Much Is My Stained Glass Worth?

If you have stained glass on your home or church, it is something you likely cherish because of its impact on your life. Whether it is because you simply love the afternoon light as it passes through or the fact that the stained glass has played a part in the goings-on in home/church–it is probably invaluable to you. However, the reality is, stained glass does have a very real price. Like any piece of art, how much the stained glass in your Fort Worth home or church varies considerably depending on several factors. Below we have listed a few of the most important determiners of how much your stained glass windows may be worth.

The Design Of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

To begin, how your stained glass was designed in the first place influences its value. For instance–are cut from a single sheet of colored glass and held in by lead or are they painted/fired with shading? Painted glass can be very valuable and should be looked at by an expert to confirm. The type of lines used also add to value. Very intricate lines and curves are worth more than basic straight lines. The more detailed the piece the more it’s worth. something’s Layers are also something that increases value and the more layers used, the more the glass is ultimately worth.

The Age Of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

Like any piece of art from history–very old pieces are generally worth more. Once your glass is over 100 years old it is officially an antique and will begin accruing value faster. However, when it comes to stained glass in your Fort Worth home, remember, stained glass could appraise for about 10x the cost of your original glass. Meaning, if you paid $500 for an entryway window–it could easily add up to $5,000 to your appraisal.

The Condition of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

The fact of the matter is–stained glass is only as good as the condition it is in. Even if your stained glass is very old, if it lacks luster and is riddled with cracks–it won’t appraise for very much. However, stained glass is something that can be restored to a nearly new condition. Meaning, it is well worth the time, energy and money of having your church or home stained glass restored to preserve its value.

Who Created Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

Much like any piece of artwork–the artist often lends value. Here in the United States, there were quite a few remarkable glass studios around the turn of the last century. Glass made by a famous artist or a cutting-edge studio both have value. For instance, Tiffany stained glass windows depending on their size and condition can for $25,000 to $150,000.

For more information on stained glass value or to have us assess your Fort Worth Stained Glass, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass to schedule an appraisal!

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