America’s Most Amazing Church Stained Glass Part 4: St. Fidelis Catholic Church In Kansas

Historic Church Stained Glass In Victoria Kansas

Some church stained glass has religious significance, some historical value, some artistic splendor–many all three. But as we profile churches across the country, one chapel that stands out for its deep historical roots in Kansas and commitment to keeping that history alive is the St. Fidelis Catholic Church In Victoria. Since we restore stained glass ourselves, we have a deep appreciation and respect for just how hard this church worked to keep its windows intact and looking breathtaking. A perfect example of a major church stained glass restoration that was perfectly executed, this church is truly something to behold!

St. Fidelis Catholic Church In Victoria

An old, historic and awe-inspiring church lies just west of the Mississippi River on the Kansas side called St. Fidelis Catholic Church but is referred to by locals as the Cathedral of the Plains. But this church certainly doesn’t look vintage because the restoration work it has endured. A wonderful church with rich stained glass history, this church stained glass restoration is simply amazing. In 2013, a little over 100 years after the church was first dedicated in 1911, a major restoration took place. The hallmark windows, two twin 140 twin towers of stained glass and other windows. The restoration was funded by church members and locals wanting to preserve this invaluable piece of Kansas history. The stained glass repair cost about $150,000 but today, the windows are valued at over $1 million and frankly, they look the part.

Church Stained Glass And Restoration Near You

Of course, to the members and the community, the restoration was never about the money, but rather, keeping these windows, invaluable to Kansas history and culture intact for the next generation. This is the same reason we love stained glass restoration. In fact, each day here at Scottish Stained Glass In Dallas we get to do amazing work to keep stained glass artwork alive for the next generation. As we restore church windows and create new ones, we also hope that one day our labors of love with also be kept up and restored for hundreds of year to come. For more information on church stained glass restoration here in Kansas City, around the states of Kansas and Missouri or across the country, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!

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