Learning How to Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

Religious stained glass has been a popular tradition for centuries and can be found in various houses of worship throughout the world. With such powerful imagery and symbolism, religious stained glass is meant to inspire congregations. Congregation members treasure these beautiful pieces and find their own meanings behind these images. While many of these messages may seem straightforward with depictions of biblical scenes, quotes, and figures, did you know that the colors of your church’s stained glass also represent important values? Here’s a guide to helping you interpret all the colors found within your church’s stained glass.

What Church Stained Glass Colors Symbolize

Have you noticed all the different colors featured throughout your church’s stained glass? This traditional approach incorporates several different colors that actually symbolize a unique message with each individual color. Red typically symbolizes the blood of Christ in order to serve as a reminder of Jesus’ suffering. Red also conveys strong feelings of love or hate. Blue symbolizes serenity, heaven, piety, and hope. Blue is often associated with the Virgin Mary and is incorporated into scenes that feature her. Since green is the color of nature, this color symbolizes growth and rebirth. White typically is associated with purity and innocence that’s associated with God. Jesus wore purple prior to his crucifixion, making this color associated with suffering and endurance.

Benefits of Custom Religious Stained Glass for Your Church

Custom religious stained glass offers your church an opportunity to convey what’s important specifically to your congregation. Custom stained glass can reflect any biblical message or portray any biblical figure. You can even decide on all the colors you’d like to incorporate for your stained glass, individualizing all the meaning.

For more information regarding what church stained glass colors symbolize or in regards to our custom religious stained glass services, please contact us!

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