Futuristic Fundraising Ideas for Church Stained Glass Restorations

Stained glass is something almost every church and a member thereof take pride in. It represents the history of the congregation. This is why preserving these historical glass treasures is something we strongly advocate. In fact, we have yet to see a church congregation that isn’t thrilled once the restoration of their stained glass is complete. However, funding for these projects is the first hurdle. Luckily there are many ways for churches to do this.

Why Churches Should Use Modern Technology to Fundraise for Stained Glass Restoration

Like other non-profit institutions, churches rarely have a lot of extra cash on hand. This is why almost every church we have worked with needs to do some kind of fundraising for their stained glass restoration projects. In our time restoring and repairing stained glass windows, we have seen many church congregations come together to raise the funds needed to have their iconic windows restored. Happily, technology makes it easier than ever to raise these funds digitally. Read below for a few modern fundraising ideas.

Online Fundraising Ideas for Church Stained Glass

Fundraising is certainly not a new concept for non-profit organizations. But we wanted to outline some of the most successful things we have seen in the past.

GoFundMe:  One of the newest ways to raise money for causes is called GoFundMe. This website allows people and organizations to crowdfund for causes and projects they care about. The setup for this is fairly simple, and sharing the project across social media is even easier. The best way to get started is to appoint a tech-savvy person in your church to spearhead the effort and handle the social media posting. 

Email Blasts:  A lot of churches have email blasts in this day and age. These are a powerful way to get information out to a lot of people fast and often. Email blasts make an excellent companion fundraising method to GoFundMe campaigns because you can send the fundraising link out and into people’s email boxes with the click of a button. 

Venmo Offering:  Now that exchanging money is simplified with cash apps like Venmo, special offerings at church is easier than ever. Not only is it easy to get the restoration funds–tracking them is also a snap. Simply have a point person set up the church’s bank account in the Venmo app, then ask your congregation to donate on their phone through that email. The app requires a note with every transaction so your congregants can simply put in “restoration fund” to let your church knows where to allocate the money.

Contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today for more information on these amazing fundraising methods for your church!

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